Dad’s Golf Mailbox

By  Linda Hollander 

size: varies

  • Dad’s Golf Mailbox
  • Side View


  • Rural metal mailbox with smooth finish
  • DecoArt Patio Paint Outdoor Paint: Antique Mum, Bright Lime Green, Citrus Green, Cloud White, Geranium Red, Larkspur Blue, Pinecone Brown, Pine Green, Spring Mint, Woodland Brown, Wrought Iron Black


  • Royal paintbrushes: Series SG1460 Soft Grip Foliage Brush #10; Series RBobbie-MD Bobbie’s Blender Medium; Series R595 Monogram Liner 10/0; Series R700 Wash #1; Series R160 Angular Shader, 1/4”, 3/4”; Series R150 Shader #4, #8; Series R250 Pointed Round #0
  • DecoArt: Patio Paint Outdoor Clear Coat Medium, Drying Time Extender Medium

Basic Supplies

  • graphite paper, tracing paper, rubbing alcohol, painter’s tape, ruler, pencil, white eraser

Pattern - Dad's Golf Mailbox

  • Note
  • 1. Patio Paint dries quickly on metal surfaces. Mistakes need to be removed immediately with water. Dried paint can be removed with rubbing alcohol. Use Extender Medium when you need more time to blend paint and in place of water to float shading and highlighting. Light Grey Mix = Cloud White + touch of Wrought Iron Black and Dark Grey Mix = (1:1) mixture of Cloud White + Wrought Iron Black throughout.
  • Mailbox
  • 1. Wipe outside of mailbox with rubbing alcohol. Use painter's tape to cover and protect flag while painting. Print out full-size patterns. Transfer basic pattern lines onto mailbox sides. Transfer detail lines throughout instructions.
  • 2. Use ruler and pencil to draw horizon line approximately 6-1/2" from bottom edge of mailbox. Apply painter's tape just below horizon around all four sides. Use wash brush and Cloud White to basecoat sky until nearly opaque. Let dry. Load brush with Extender Medium and then in Cloud White; quickly cover one side of mailbox. Use dirty brush to pick up Larkspur Blue and stroke into wet white area using long horizontal strokes; do not over blend. Leave some streaks of blue and white showing randomly. Repeat on remaining three sides. Let dry thoroughly. Load 3/4" angular brush in Extender Medium; corner-load in Cloud White and float scalloped clouds randomly on center of sky. Use chisel edge of dirty brush to flatten out bottoms of clouds. Use blender to soften clouds. Let dry.
  • 3. Use the wash brush to apply a light coat of Extender Medium to one side of mailbox. Use dirty brush and brush mix of Sprout Green and Citrus Green to paint grass. Use long horizontal strokes leaving streaks on light and dark green showing. Add touches of Bright Lime Green. Let dry thoroughly.
  • 4. Wet foliage brush in clean water; blot excess water and load again with small amount of Extender Medium. Load small amount of Larkspur Blue then load heel Sprout Green and toe Citrus Green; tap brush on palette to blend where two greens meet. Use chisel edge of brush to tap distant trees on all four sides of mailbox. Let dry. Use round brush to paint trunks in brush mix of Pinecone Brown and Woodland Brown; pick up Antique Mum on dirty brush to stroke in highlights. Use liner brush and brush mix of browns to paint thin branches and twigs.
  • 5. Use photo as guide for placement of elements. Transfer patterns for greens, flags, golf bag, and cart omitting details.
  • 6. Load damp foliage brush with small amount of Extender Medium. Load heel in Sprout Green and touch of Pine Green; load toe in Bright Lime Green + touch of Spring Mint. Blend on palette slightly; tap in clumps of shrubs using photo as guide. Use chisel edge of #8 shader to flatten bottom of shrubs.
  • 7. Use shader brush and (1:1) mixture of Citrus Green + Spring Mint to basecoat driving and putting greens; basecoat again Citrus Green. Use angular shader to float touch of Sprout Green on back edge of greens and to float semi-circle at base of poles and tees. Use touch of Spring Mint to float highlight along front edges. Use Pine Green floats to shade grass area in front of each green; use blender to soften edges.
  • 8. Basecoat flag poles Pinecone Brown. Use dirty brush and Woodland Brown to blend shading. Use touch of Antique Mum to drybrush highlights.
  • 9. Paint flags Light Grey Mix. Let dry. Basecoat flags Geramium Red. Use sheer Wrought Iron Black to float shading on large flag on door; drybrush highlight Cloud White. Transfer number pattern or freehand using Cloud White.
  • 10. Basecoat trees Geranium Red using round brush. Use dirty brush and touch of Cloud White to drybrush highlight. Basecoat balls Cloud White until opaque. Use 1/4" angular shader and Larkspur Blue to float shading on bottom edge of balls.
  • 11. Underpaint leather areas on golf bag with (2:1) mixture of Pinecone Brown + Antique Mum. Basecoat final coat Pinecone Brown; float shading Woodland Brown. Drybrush highlight down center of collar with Antique Mum + touch of Pinecone Brown; float same mixture to highlight strap. Use thinned Pinecone Brown to add stitches. Use Light Grey Mix to underpaint red area of bag; basecoat again Geranium Red. Use sheer Wrought Iron Black to float shading. Use Cloud White + tiny touch of Geranium Red to drybrush highlight down center of bag. Use Light Grey Mix to basecoat putter irons and metal part of driver; float shading sheer Wrought Iron Black and float highlight Cloud White. Paint details thinned Wrought Iron Black. Basecoat wooden part of driver Pinecone Brown + touch of Antique Mum; float shading Woodland Brown and highlight Antique Mum.
  • 12. Basecoat red areas on golf cart Light Grey Mix; add Geranium Red final base coat. Float shading sheer Wrought Iron Black and drybrush highlights Cloud White. Basecoat seats and floor Wrought Iron Black; float highlights Dark Grey Mix. Basecoat seat platform Cloud White; float shading Light Grey Mix. Basecoat steering wheel and treads of tires Wrought Iron Black; drybrush highlights using touch of Light Grey Mix. Basecoat side walls Dark Grey Mix; float highlights Light Grey Mix. Basecoat hubcaps Wrought Iron Black; add tire details, wheel axle, and roof support poles Light Grey Mix. Shade poles with touch of Wrought Iron Black and drybrush highlights with touch of Cloud White. Apply thin coat of Extender Medium to ground under and behind golf cart. Shade grass under and behind cart Pine Green; use blender to soften edges.
  • 13. Erase graphite lines using white eraser. Remove tape and paper from flag. Use wash brush and Clear Coat to seal painted areas. Follow manufacturer's instructions to install mailbox.