Stacked Clay Pots Centerpiece

By  Kirsten Peters McGrath  for  iLoveToCreate

It looks like wood and expensive paint, but the secret to this eye-catching centerpiece is everyday clay pots and acrylic paint.


  • Clay items: bowl, 8"; pot, 4"; saucer, 6"
  • Wooden beads, 30 to 35 each: round, 3/4", 3/8", 1/4"; oblong, 3/4"
  • Wooden items: hearts, 1", eight; wheels, 1/2", eight; knobs, 1", two; buttons or discs, 1", two


  • Acrylic or outdoor paints: burgundy, black
  • Spray sealer
  • String or heavy thread
  • Damp sponge or cloth
  • Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue

Basic Supplies

  • paintbrush, newpaper (to cover work surface)
  • 1. Turn saucer upside down; adhere pot to saucer and bowl to pot. Let dry overnight.
  • 2. String beads as follows: large, medium, small, oblong, small, and medium; adhere strand to bowl edge. For seam between bowl and pot, string all large beads; adhere in place. For seam between pot and saucer, string medium, small, oblong, and small beads; adhere in place.
  • 3. For handles, adhere buttons/discs to sides of bowl; adhere knobs to buttons. Adhere evenly-spaced hearts under beads between bowl and pot. Adhere wheels to hearts.
  • 4. Paint centerpiece burgundy; let dry. For antique look, paint small sections black and quickly wipe with damp sponge or cloth. Apply sealer.