Painted Beach Escape

By  Linda Hollander 

size: varies

  • Painted Beach Escape
  • Striped Spiral Shell
  • Spotted Spiral Shell
  • Sand Dollar
  • Starfsih
  • Seahorse
  • Conch
  • Clam Shell


  • Sage green pillar candle, 3”
  • Recycled clear glass wine bottle with cork
  • White tin tile, 8” square
  • Beach glass: green, two; white, one
  • Bath salts: green, white
  • Silver craft wire, 18-gauge, 54” length
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paints: Cool White, Desert Sand, Dove Grey, Driftwood, Gooseberry Pink, Green Mist, Hi-Lite Flesh, Light Buttermilk, Mint Julep Green, Raw Sienna, Russet, Sand, Violet Haze


  • Royal & Langnickel Soft Grip Paintbrush Series SG393 Fitch Deerfoot 1/8”
  • Royal & Langnickel Aqualon Paintbrushes: Series 2150 Shader #4, 8; Series 2160 Angular 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8”; Series 2595 Liner 10/0; Series 2585 Script Liner #1; Series 2250 Round #3, 5
  • Delta Ceramcoat Candle and Soap Painting Medium
  • DecoArt: Multi-Purpose Sealer, DuraClear Gloss Varnish, Americana Matte Spray Acrylic Sealer/Finisher
  • Wire cutters

Basic Supplies

  • transfer paper, rubbing alcohol, cotton swab, soft cloth, stylus, pencil

Pattern - Painted Beach Escape

  • Prepare Surfaces
  • 1. Print out pattern.
  • 2. For candle, wipe surface with rubbing alcohol. Use #8 shader to apply one coat Candle and Soap Medium. (Note: Do NOT apply medium near wick as it is flammable.) Transfer basic outlines; be sure to use light pressure to avoid indentations in wax.
  • 3. For bottle, remove labels and wash with soapy water. Dry thoroughly. Wipe surface with rubbing alcohol. Transfer basic outlines. Apply Multi-Purpose Sealer to design areas. Let cure several hours.
  • 4. For tin, wipe with soft cloth. Transfer basic outlines.
  • Paint Designs
  • 1. clam shell: Basecoat Cool White. See Worksheet. Wash inside of shell Dove Grey and shade along left and right sides. Use Dove Grey to shade bottom outer section of shell. Use round brush and Cool White to add ridges on inside of shell starting at top. Repeat. Float thin Hi-Lite Flesh along inner right side and very thin Violet Haze float along inner left side of shell. Float Raw Sienna along inside bottom. Use Cool White to add dry brush highlight to inside and to paint rim. Add thinned Violet Haze line work.

    Clam Shell
  • 2. striped spiral shell: Basecoat Light Buttermilk; shade thin Driftwood and drybrush Cool White highlight down center. See Worksheet. Use thinned Driftwood to add irregular markings to outer shell and thinned Russet to add broken sketchy line work.

    Striped Sprial Shell
  • 3. spotted spiral shell: Basecoat Light Buttermilk; shade with Raw Sienna and Dove Grey, and drybrush Cool White highlight down center. See Worksheet. Paint spots thinned Dove Grey and add thinned Raw Sienna line work around spots.

    Spotted Spiral Shell
  • 4. sand dollar: Basecoat Cool White; shade thinned Dove Grey along outer edges. See Worksheet. Add Dove Grey line work. Wash Sand here and there for warmth. Use small end of stylus to add Cool White dots along outer edges.

    Sand Dollar
  • 5. starfish: Stipple Desert Sand. See Worksheet. Wipe brush. While wet, use dirty brush to stipple Sand along outer edges. Let dry. Lightly stipple Raw Sienna in center of arms. Use stylus to randomly dot Light Buttermilk, Raw Sienna, and Sand around outer edges and in center.

  • 6. seahorse: Use Sand to stipple body and head. See Worksheet. Wipe brush. While wet, use dirty brush to stipple Light Buttermilk highlights. Let dry. Use Raw Sienna to apply back-to-back floats down center of body, starting at middle and working toward each end; add horizontal detail lines. Basecoat fins Light Buttermilk and float Raw Sienna along outer edge, wiggling brush for rippled effect. Paint ears Light Buttermilk. Use Raw Sienna to shade ears, float mouth, and to dot eye. Highlight eye with smaller dot of Sand. Use stylus to dot Light Buttermilk and Sand along outer edge of belly.

  • 7. conch: Base with mix of Light Buttermilk + Cool White. See Worksheet. For shell flap, use very sheer Gooseberry Pink to float along inside edge and Cool White to float along outer edge. For outer shell, shade Sand along side and bottom of main part of shell, and to separate spirals. Add tiny touches of Gooseberry Pink over shading here and there. Use thinned Sand to add "tiger" stripes. Highlight top edge with heavy side-load float of Cool White. Dot Sand and Cool White on spiral end of shell. Use liner and generous amount of Cool White to add stripes down center of shell.

  • 8. grass and sand: For grass, double-load script liner with Mint Julep Green and Green Mist, using small amount of Multi-Purpose Sealer to slightly thin paint. Use stylus to randomly dot Sand and Dessert Sand under shells.
  • Finishing
  • 1. For bottle, apply varnish to painted areas only. Cut wire into 18" and 36" lengths. Wrap pencil around ends several times to coil. Beginning on coiled end, wrap one piece of beach glass onto short wire and two pieces onto longer wire. Wrap wires around neck of bottle. Pre-mix white and green bath salts; fill bottle to bottom of painted shells. Cork bottle. (Note: To clean, wipe bottle with soft damp cloth; do not rub or soak bottle.) For candle, apply several coats of Soap and Candle Medium to painted area; avoid wick area. For tin, spray with several coats of matte sealer.
  • Tip
  • 1. Modify designs by using various parts of painted pieces for a unique seascape theme. Decorate store-bought items with starfish, shell, or sand dollar designs to complement items.