Cottage Notes

By  Robin Mani 

size: 6"x8"

  • Cottage Notes
  • Worksheet


  • Viking Woodcrafts Canvas Folder Memo Pad (123-6967), 5"x8"
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint: Bahama Blue, Bright Green, Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Red, Citron Green, Cool White, Desert Turquoise, Honey Brown, Jack-O’-Lantern Orange, Leaf Green, Lemon Yellow, Moon Yellow, Orange Twist, Peaches ‘n Cream, Spa Blue, Sour Apple


  • Loew-Cornell La Corneille Golden Taklon Brushes: Series 7050 Script Liner 10/0; Series 7300 Flat Shader #1, 6, 10; Series 7350 Liner #2; Series 7400 Angular 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"; Series 7550 Flat Glaze 1"; Series 270 Oval Mop 3/8"
  • DecoArt: Multi-Purpose Sealer, Easy Float, DuraClear Matte Varnish

Basic Supplies

  • palette paper, tracing paper, double-ended stylus, fine sandpaper, ruler, white and gray graphite paper, palette knife, white eraser

Pattern - Cottage Notes

  • 1. Basecoat canvas folder with (2:1) mixture of #1 Mix + multi-purpose sealer. Lightly sand. Apply second coat #1 Mix. Let dry.
  • 2. Print out pattern. Transfer outline of roof and cottage using stylus and gray graphite paper.
  • 3. Basecoat roof and center binding on side edge of folder Peaches 'n Cream. Basecoat scallop roof trim #2 Mix and basecoat cottage Moon Yellow.
  • Cottage Design
  • 1. Float/shade #2 Mix around roof and house and along each side of center binding using 1/2" angular. Use mop brush to soften water edge. Darken areas with float/shade of Desert Turquoise. Float/shade Leaf Green for ground line under house.
  • 2. Trace diagonal lines onto roof using ruler as guide. Line diagonal lines on roof Jack-O'-Lantern Orange using 10/0 script liner. Shade underneath each line with #3 Mix. Tap in Orange Twist dots on center of each square using stylus. Float/shade Jack-O'-Lantern Orange around inside edge of roof #3 Mix. Outline roof edges #3 Mix.
  • 3. Float/shade Honey Brown under scallop roof trim and down both inside edges of cottage. Darken with Jack-O'-Lantern Orange and again on left side edge with Cadmium Red.
  • 4. Transfer shutters, windows, and door on cottage. Float/shade around bottom windows and door and on left side of windowpanes using same colors. Line left side of windows and door #3 Mix. Basecoat shutters, windows, and door trim #2 Mix using #1 flat. Drybush outer edges of shutters and down center of all trim #1 Mix using #2 liner. Line in details on shutters Bright Green. Overstroke each line Sour Apple. Float/shade shutters on window and outlines Desert Turquoise.
  • 5. Float/shade window edge next to curtains Honey Brown and then Jack-O'-Lantern Orange using 1/4" angular. Paint curtains and door Peaches ‘n Cream. Float/shade insides edges of both Jack-O'-Lantern Orange and darken with #3 Mix. Dot curtains Cadmium Orange and add smaller dots along curtain edges Lemon Yellow. Line windowpanes #2 Mix. Outline trim and underneath windowpanes Desert Turquoise. Outline outside edges of windows and door Bright Green. Add highlight lines on windowpanes Lemon Yellow.
  • 6. Float/shade Desert Turquoise under roof on scalloped trim. Line scallop edge Leaf Green and highlight bottom edge Citron Green. Tap in dots along bottom scallop edge Cool White.
  • 7. For rosebuds, tap large dots Peaches ‘n Cream. While still wet, poke #2 liner in Cadmium Orange and swirl on center of dot. Let dry. Use small end of stylus to tap Cool White dot on center to highlight. Stroke tiny leaves on both sides of rosebud Leaf Green and highlight top edge Bright Green. Add Cool White dots next to rosebuds.
  • 8. Line in stems and swirls on flowers and leaves Bright Green using 10/0 script liner. See Worksheet. Basecoat leaves Bright Green using #2 liner. Float/shade bottom of larger leaves Leaf Green using 3/8" angular. Add stems and vein lines on leaves Leaf Green using 10/0 script liner. Shade underneath swirls and along taller stems. Highlight top edge of leaves and swirls Citron Green. Use end of paintbrush handles to add dots along bottom edge of swirls with Bright Green and Citron Green. Let dry. Use stylus to add Leaf Green and Sour Apple dots on top edge of swirls.

  • 9. For flowers, basecoat bottom Peaches ‘n Cream. Follow directions for roof area to finish this section. Basecoat top section Moon Yellow, float/shade Honey brown, and darken with Cadmium Yellow. Float/shade #2 Mix along top outside edge of flowers. Overstroke top edges Lemon Yellow. Line between two sections Desert Turquoise and highlight with #2 Mix. Add Dolly Parton hearts at top of flowers. (Note: For Dolly Parton hearts, use stylus with Cadmium Red to tap two dots next to one another; take 10/0 script liner and pull color down to form heart shape.) Add dots at points of flowers Lemon Yellow.
  • 10. For butterfly, add water to Bright Green and paint outer area on wings with sheer wash. Repeat for center areas using Lemon Yellow wash. Float/shade yellow areas Honey Brown and darken Cadmium Orange. Outline outer edges of wings and around yellow areas Leaf Green. Brush mix Leaf Green and Cadmium Red and paint head and body. Tap dots Cool White on green areas on wing and for eye.
  • 11. For lettering, basecoat #2 Mix. Shade outline on left edge of letters Desert Turquoise. Add Sour Apple on right edge with touch of Leaf Green.
  • 12. For center binding, stripe in diagonal lines Desert Turquoise. Tap in three dots Lemon Yellow on each stripe. Let dry. Float/shade Cadmium Red down center of inside edges.
  • 13. Tap in Cadmium Red dots along stems and leaves. Add smaller Peaches ‘n Cream dots. Add Cool White dots among stems and leaves.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Add Leaf Green dot on ground under cottage. Let dry. Erase graphite lines with white eraser. Apply varnish.
  • Tip
  • 1. Use end of paintbrush handles to add dots along bottom edge of swirls with Bright Green and Citron Green.