Yearly Birthday Calendar

By  Lynne Deptula 

  • Yearly Birthday Calendar
  • Painting Technique


  • Birthday Calendar with Calendar Inserts available through Lynne Deptula


  • DecoArt Americana Acrylics: Arbor Green, Avocado, Baby Blue, Blue Chiffon, Blueberry, Bubblegum Pink, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Cadmium Yellow, Celery Green, Country Blue, Cranberry Wine, Lemonade, Light Buttermilk, Mustard Seed, Payne’s Grey, Peony Pink, Pineapple, Royal Purple, Sable Brown, Slate Grey, Snow (Titanium) White, Soft Black, Soft Blue, Soft Lilac, Wild Orchid
  • Royal & Langnickel Sofia brushes, Series 5555: Liner, #0, #2; Shader, #2, #4, #6, #8; Wash, 1/2”, 3/4”
  • Sharpie Extra-Fine Brown Permanent Marker
  • Acrylic varnish, satin

Pattern - Yearly Birthday Calendar
Pattern - Yearly Birthday Calendar - Create, Celebrate, Wish
Pattern - Yearly Birthday Calendar - Sing, Love, Grow
Pattern - Yearly Birthday Calendar - Cherish Family

  • Preparation
  • 1. Base entire calendar Soft Blue; let dry. Sand lightly. Print out patterns; use well worn gray graphite paper to lightly transfer basic pattern lines. (Transfer details as needed.)
  • 2. Dampen calendar background; use 3/4" wash brush loaded with scant amount of Pineapple to softly slip-slap background; repeat with Country Blue.
  • Birthday Lettering
  • 1. Use #2 liner to base Country Blue. Use thin line of Sable Brown to outline left of each letter and below each letter section. Use Soft Lilac to highlight top curves with tiny horizontal dashes and/or strokes. Shade Payne's Grey behind each letter. Base candle flame Mustard Seed; shade Burnt Sienna along bottom and highlight tip with tiny Pineapple stroke.
  • Create
  • 1. Base brush handle Arbor Green; shade Avocado along left side and add thin Lemonade highlight line on right side. Base ferrule Slate Grey; shade Soft Black along left side and highlight Snow White along right side. Add Slate Grey line along top and bottom edges; highlight with touches of Snow White. Paint bristles sheer Sable Brown; shade with Burnt Umber linework and highlight tips with mix of Sable Brown + tch. of Lt. Buttermilk linework. Use #2 liner to paint Country Blue scrolls and strokes.
  • Celebrate
  • 1. Refer to worksheet. Base cupcake liner sheer Wild Orchid. Use #8 shader and Royal Purple to softly shade liner ridges; highlight opposite side of ridge Blue Chiffon. Line top edges Wild Orchid; highlight with top lines of Blue Chiffon. Shade lower curve of liner Royal Purple; reinforce with touches of Blueberry. Paint raffia Baby Blue; shade Blueberry and highlight Blue Chiffon.

  • 2. Base frosting sheer Lt. Buttermilk; highlight with Snow White mounds. Base candle Arbor Green; add diagonal Lemonade lines. Shade Avocado along right side of candle and highlight Lemonade along left. Add thin Snow White highlight shine. Base flame Cadmium Yellow; shade Burnt Sienna along bottom and highlight tip with touch of Pineapple.
  • Wish
  • 1. Use #2 liner to base stars Mustard Seed; shade soft Burnt Sienna along one side and highlight Cadmium Yellow on opposite.
  • Sing
  • 1. Refer to worksheet. Base bird sheer Lt. Buttermilk; while wet, shade Baby Blue along back of head, body, and down through wing area. Chisel in tail with Baby Blue lines. Shade Country Blue to separate wing and tail from body. Highlight chest Snow White; add detail lines on wing and tip of tail. Add Royal Purple linework detail to base of tail. Shade soft Sable Brown behind eye area; shade Soft Black to right of eye. Paint eye Soft Black; add tiny Snow White highlight dot. For beak, use Sable Brown tipped in Cadmium Yellow to paint in two tiny strokes. Use Soft Black to paint tiny curved line feet.
  • 2. Paint branch with loose Sable Brown linework touched occasionally in Burnt Umber; thin branches at tips. Double-load #2 shader with Arbor Green and Lemonade; casually paint small one-stroke leaves along vining.
  • Love
  • 1. Base hearts Peony Pink; shade Cranberry Wine along one side and highlight Bubblegum Pink along opposite side.
  • Grow
  • 1. Violets: Refer to worksheet. Use Arbor Green to line fern spikes and to add sheer one-stroke leaves. Line stems Avocado. Double-load #6 shader with Wild Orchid and Blue Chiffon; stroke in petals. Shade Royal Purple at base of each petal; add linework. For flower center, add two small Pineapple strokes. Double-load #2 shader with Avocado and Blue Chiffon to paint leaves at base of flowers.
  • 2. Cosmos: Heavily corner load #4 shader with Cadmium Yellow to paint individual petals. Softly shade base of each petal Burnt Sienna. Paint inner petal ring with tiny touches of Snow White. Dot centers Royal Purple; add Soft Lilac highlight dot and smaller Snow White highlight dot. Double-load #2 shader with Avocado and Cadmium Yellow to paint calyx and leaves.
  • 3. Anchor flowers to design with a wavy Arbor Green line. Shade soft Payne's Grey above line.
  • Cherish Family
  • 1. Use 1/2" wash to heavily side-load Snow White; slide brush on chisel edge to paint cloud mounds through sky area.
  • 2. Base background hill sheer Celery Green; add vertical Lemonade lines. Shade Avocado along base and highlight Lemonade along top curve.
  • 3. Base middle hill sheer Arbor Green; add thin Baby Blue plaid lines. Shade Avocado along base and highlight Baby Blue along top curve.
  • 4. Base foreground hill Avocado; add Lemonade detail dots. Shade corners Avocado and highlight Lemonade along top curve.
  • 5. Base checkered trees sheer Avocado. Use flattened #2 liner to add tiny Lemonade checks. Shade Avocado along base of trees. Line trunks Avocado. Base dotted trees with dots of Avocado; highlight with top dots of Lemonade. Shade Avocado along base of trees. Line trunks Avocado. Use #0 liner to paint curled trees with thin lines of Arbor Green; shade Avocado line under heart toppers. Paint mini hearts in same manner as "Love" hearts above.
  • 6. White House: Use 1/2" wash to base sheer Lt. Buttermilk; shade peak of house Sable Brown and highlight outside edges Snow White. Use #4 shader and sheer Soft Black to paint windows and door; outline each Wild Orchid and highlight with top lines of Snow White. Dot door knob Snow White. Paint roof line Slate Grey; shade top peak with line of Soft Black and highlight eaves with lines of Snow White. Dot "foliage" at base of house Arbor Green. Use #4 shader and sheer Sable Brown to paint wandering path at front of door.
  • 7. Blue House: Use 1/2" wash to base sheer Country Blue; shade peak and sides sheer Royal Purple. Use #2 shader and sheer Soft Black to paint windows and door; outline each Snow White. Dot door knob Snow White. Paint roof, foliage, and wandering path in same manner as white house.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Use 1/2" wash to very softly shade Payne's Grey behind large design elements. Use brown marker to draw section wording. Line top corners of calendar with thinned Country Blue. Paint cut edge of frame and frame of calendar insert Country Blue. Slip-slap calendar insert frame Soft Lilac to highlight and deepen corners and top edges with slip-slaps of Blueberry.
  • 2. Separate calendar sections with lines in choices of following colors: Arbor Green, Wild Orchid, Peony Pink, and Baby Blue. While wet, dash each line with Snow White highlights.
  • 3. Apply three varnish coats, allowing to dry between coats and sanding lightly after second coat.