Woodland Santa Trio

By  Sue Beckerton 

size: 4"x5"

  • Woodland Santa Trio


  • Stockade wooden hearts with mitts (#RR4167)
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paints: Antique Rose, Black Green, Black Plum, Blue Chiffon, Blue Grey Mist, Burnt Umber, Flesh Tone, Golden Straw, Holly Green, Lamp Black, Light Buttermilk, Midnight Blue, Ocean Blue, Prussian Blue, Raw Sienna, Shading Flesh, Snow White, Traditional Burnt Umber, True Red, Williamsburg Blue


  • Dynasty Black Gold Brushes: Series 206S Shaders #2, 10, 14; Series 206FW Flat Wash Glaze 3/4”; Series 206CB Chisel Blender #8; Series 206A Angular 1/4”; Series 206DF Deerfoot 1/4”; Series 206R Round #1; Series 206SL Script Liner 10/0, 20/0; Series 206WO Oval Wash 3/4”; Decorator 100 Round Dry Brush; Decorator 400 Mini Mop 1/4”, 1/2”
  • DecoArt All Purpose Sealer
  • DecoArt Interior/Exterior Satin Varnish
  • Checkerboard stencil

Basic Supplies

  • sanding sponges, graphite, stylus, pencil, tracing paper, container of water, paper towel

Pattern - Woodland Santa Trio

  • Note
  • 1. Drybrush using decorator or chisel blender wiping most paint off on dry paper towel. Use #10, 14 or 3/4" flat to do floats and soften floats by gently pouncing mop brush over water's edge until almost dried. Line work is done using 10/0 or 18/0 and thin paint to ink consistency while fully-loading liner. Rake with full-loaded brush using thinned paint; flick tips of bristles on hard surface to remove immediate build-up of paint and to open bristles.
  • Santas
  • 1. Sand, seal, and sand again; wipe off dust. Print out patterns. Transfer basic designs onto all three hearts.
  • 2. Basecoat sky Williamsburg Blue and wash over wood grain frame in Traditional Burnt Umber. Base face Flesh Tone, hat trim, pompom, beard, and moustache Blue Grey Mist, mouth Lamp Black, and lip Flesh Tone.
  • 3. Float on either side of wood grain with Traditional Burnt Umber, darken with second coat, and darken third coat with touch of Soft Black. Rake in wood grain using filbert tooth. Stroke on bold markings Traditional Burnt Umber with #1 round. Drybrush highlights Light Buttermilk using chisel blender. Paint short stumps with same colors, using liner to add wood grain.
  • 4. Drybrush sky soft highlights or blurry clouds Blue Chiffon. Scatter dots Blue Chiffon and Snow White using tip of liner.
  • 5. Basecoat plaid Santa hat and mitts Antique Rose and overcoat True Red. Add pinstripes in Holly Green, Golden Straw, and Ocean Blue. Float shades Black Plum. Drybrush highlights Flesh Tone and Snow White. Float shades along hat, on both sides of face, behind nose, and over moustache Shading Flesh. Drybrush cheeks Antique Rose and add highlight comma strokes Snow White. Add Lamp Black eyes and highlight between eyes with brush mix of Flesh Tone and Snow White. Stroke on Burnt Umber eyebrows. Basecoat lip True Red. Float tiny shades in corners Black Plum. Add Snow White highlight comma strokes and dots. Stipple with double-load of Blue Grey Mist and Snow White fur trim and pom-pom using 1/4" deerfoot. Let dry. Load toe with Snow White and brighten top righthand side and outer edges of pom-pom. Float shades under hat, moustache, and near wood with brush mix of Blue Grey Mist and Lamp Black. Rake on beard with brush mix Blue Grey Mist and Snow White using filbert tooth. Brighten with Snow White. Add Snow White strands of hair coming out of hat and moustache using liner.
  • 6. Basecoat striped Santa stripes on hat and mitts Antique Rose then True Red, Golden Straw, and Ocean Blue. Float blue stripes Prussian Blue, yellow stripes Raw Sienna, and red stripes Black Plum. Drybrush highlights Snow White and cheeks, fur, pom-pom, beard, and moustache same as in Step 5. Basecoat eyes Snow White and eyelids brush mix of Flesh Tone and Snow White. Basecoat iris Ocean Blue and pupil Lamp Black. Float eyes with Prussian Blue and dot highlights Snow White. Float on sides of eyelids Shading Flesh and highlight center Snow White. Add Lamp Black outlines and eyelashes.
  • 7. Stencil checks on checker Santa Antique Rose. Let dry. Reposition stencil and stipple on True Red. Float shades Black Green. Paint fur, pom-pom, cheeks, mouth, beard, and moustache same as Step 5. Paint eyes Lamp Black with Ocean Blue comma stroke on right and Snow White highlights.
  • 8. Apply three coats varnish. Apply thick varnish coat over sky; while still wet, sprinkle with glamour dust. Hang to display.