Winter's Chime

By  Loretta Mateik 

  • Winter's Chime
  • Fig. 1


  • DecoArt Americana Acrylics: Antique Gold, Avocado, Baby Blue, Black Plum, Camel, Country Red, Cranberry Wine, Dark Chocolate, French Grey Blue, Hauser Dark Green, Hauser Medium Green, Jade Green, Lamp (Ebony) Black, Light Buttermilk, Raspberry, Raw Sienna, Rookwood Red, Sable Brown, Sapphire, Slate Grey, Snow (Titanium) White, Soft Black, Soft Sage, Toffee, Uniform Blue, Warm White
  • Royal & Langnickel Aqualon: Glaze Wash, Series R2700, 1/2”, 1”; Angular, Series R2160, 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”; Shader, Series R2150, #2, #4, #8; Round, Series 2250, #3; Script Liner, Series R2585, #10/0, #0
  • Stencil brushes, 1/8”, 1/4”
  • Old scruffy brushes for stippling
  • Half Circle Shaped Wind Chime (#101271) from Cabin Crafters


  • DecoArt: Americana Acrylic Sealer/Finisher, Matte; DuraClear Varnish, Satin
  • Stencils: checked, 1/2”; stars, 7/8”, 1-1/4”
  • Small Calico background stencil (QCTF101) from Wall to Wall Stencils

Pattern - Winter's Chime

  • Preparation
  • 1. Sand, seal, and sand wood surface. Wipe dust. Base entire wood piece French Grey Blue. Print out pattern; transfer basic details onto front of wood surface.
  • 2. Base items as follows: sign with mix of Camel + Lt. Buttermilk (1:1); stars Antique Gold; tree Hauser Med. Green; tree trunk Dk. Chocolate; penguin hat from top down: pom-pom Sable Brown, green section Hauser Med. Green, red section Rookwood Red, blue section Baby Blue, hat brim Sable Brown; penguin face Warm White; beak Antique Gold; scarf with mix of Jade Green + Avocado (1:1); jacket Raspberry; body Lamp Black; belly Warm White; shoes Dk. Chocolate; soles Lamp Black.
  • Sign
  • 1. Use mix of Camel + Lt. Buttermilk (1:1) to stencil checks on sign. (Note: Color should be just visible.) Use Raw Sienna to lightly shade sign edges, fold, and crease lines. Base letters Lamp Black.
  • Tree
  • 1. Use Hauser Dk. Green to randomly freehand curlyques; add random Cranberry Wine dots. Shade Hauser Dk. Green along edges.
  • 2. Use Soft Black to lightly shade sides of tree trunk and along top edge under tree. Very lightly dry brush Warm White highlight down center.
  • Jacket
  • 1. Use Cranberry Wine to lightly stencil pattern on jacket. (Optional: Use pattern as guide to paint pattern.) Base buttons Warm White; add wide Raspberry stripes and thin Hauser Med. Green stripes. Float Warm White highlight around center.
  • 2. Use Cranberry Wine to shade top edge of jacket under scarf, along outside edges of arms, along bottom edge of jacket, down center of jacket, and line between jacket and sleeves. Deepen shading down center of jacket, and between jacket and sleeves.
  • Scarf
  • 1. Use #2 shader to freehand Avocado checks; add Raspberry dots between checks. Use Hauser Dk. Green to shade as follows: along top edge of scarf under face, along center fold line, and all along outer edges of scarf tail.
  • Penguin
  • 1. Use Warm White to shade edges of hands along body. Use mix of Slate Grey + tch. of Soft Black to shade belly under jacket and along top edges of shoes. Add Warm White highlight shine along top edge of shoes.
  • Face
  • 1. Lightly shade Slate Grey along outer edges and along top of beak. Base eyes Lamp Black. Rouge cheeks Country Red; add tiny Warm White highlight dots and add very thin highlight shine along bottom edge of eyes. Use Lamp Black to line eyebrows and eyelashes.
  • 2. Use Raw Sienna to lightly shade beak edges. Dry brush Warm White highlight down center of beak. Add Lamp Black nostril lines.
  • Hat
  • 1. Use Sapphire to add rib lines to blue section; shade around edges. Use Antique Gold to randomly freehand stars in red section; shade Black Plum around edges and dry brush Warm White highlight in center. Use Hauser Dk. Green to add dots to green section; shade along edge nearest red section.
  • 2. Use Toffee to stipple fur on hat brim and pom-pom; repeat with Lt. Buttermilk and then Snow White keeping light and fluffy.
  • Stars
  • 1. Use Raw Sienna to lightly shade along star edges. Dry brush Warm White highlight in center of large star. For small star, use Lamp Black to add mouth lines, eyebrows, and eye dots; dip-dot nose Camel. Add tiny Snow White highlight dots to eyes.
  • Back of Surface
  • 1. (Fig. 1) Randomly stencil stars Antique Gold; shade edges Raw Sienna and dry brush Warm White highlight in centers. Randomly dot surface Raspberry. Add Lamp Black dip-dot motion lines from stars. Use Cranberry Wine to add "thread lines" around stars.

    Fig. 1
  • Finishing
  • 1. Float Warm White snow drifts; use liner and Snow White to outline individual drifts. Use Uniform Blue to shade along outer edges of wood piece, around sign, tree, tree trunk, penguin, and large star. Use Warm White to stipple "snow" on stars. Use Lamp Black to dip-dot "holes" on sign and stars; line hanging threads and bows on each. Use Cranberry Wine to line hanging thread on small star and to line "garland" around tree. Use Lamp Black to add stitch lines to bottom edge of jacket and around sides of belly. Line scarf fringe with Raspberry, Soft Sage, and Hauser Med. Green.
  • 2. If desired, spatter entire surface with Warm White for snow effect. Let dry. Apply several light varnish coats.
  • 3. Drill holes at top of surface; hang with choice of hanging material. Attach chimes to bottom of surface with choice of hanging material. (Note: Enlarge bottom pre-drilled holes if needed.)