Winter Scene Candy Dish

By  Debbie Forshey-Choma 

size: 5-1/2" diameter

  • Winter Scene Candy Dish


  • Candy Dish with 5-1/2” Lid (
  • Americana Acrylic Paints*: Charcoal Grey; Cherry Red; Dove Grey; Driftwood; Neutral Grey; Warm White


  • Paintbrushes (Royal Brush): Debby Forshey’s Texture Brushes: small; medium; SG White Blending Mop, Series 1400, 3/4”; Oval Wash Combo, Series 3080; #1; Majestic: Square Shaders, Series 4150, #0, #2, #4, #6, #8; Angular, Series 4160, 5/8”; Filbert, Series 4170, #2; Shader, Series 4200S, 20/0; Mini Script Liner, Series 4200SL, 20/0; Liner, Series 4585, 10/0; Glaze Wash, Series 4700, 1/2”
  • DuraClear Matte Varnish*
  • Multi-Purpose Sealer*
  • Spattering tool

Pattern - Winter Scene Candy Dish

  • 1. Use glaze wash brush to apply sealer to lid. Let dry. Lightly sand and wipe dust. Basecoat lid with mix of equal parts Driftwood with sealer. Lightly sand with small piece of brown bag and wipe dust. Re-basecoat with Driftwood, letting dry between coats. Print pattern.
  • 2. For snow hills, transfer each design line to lid. Corner-load angle with Neutral Grey; float shading to backside of each snow hill; mop to soften. Corner-load angle with Dove Grey; float a wide highlight and walk it out along front side of each snow hill; mop to soften. Corner-load angle with Dove Grey; chisel float here and there over foreground of each snow hill area. (Note: To chisel float, corner-load angle, blend off on palette, lay bristles of brush flat on surface, chisel edge up. Push paint on bristles from left to right in a scratching motion, letting bristles pull broken line that is slightly floated.) Transfer remaining design lines. Use graph ruler to aid in transfer of any straight lines, by dragging stylus along ruler's edge.
  • 3. For background pines, transfer center line for each pine, working only on a couple of trees at a time. Slightly pre-dampen surface area with clean water to help paint bleed, giving the boughs a softer look. Using #2 filbert, load Charcoal Grey across chisel edge, and horizontally tap in boughs. To create a different species of pines, using filbert, boughs will droop more than when using shader. Up on chisel edge, slightly pull the top of the pine. Tapping from left to right for the boughs, slowly and slightly widening as you work towards the base of the pine. Allow a bit of background to show through so pine does not look like a triangle. Repeat same steps with remaining pines. When dry, lightly pre-dampen each pine again, load #2 filbert with Dove Grey, lightly tap here and there over the boughs for highlight. When dry, repeat step with Warm White for snow.
  • 4. For background shrubs, use small texture brush and Charcoal Grey to lightly pounce (dance) shrubs behind buildings. Lightly pounce (dance) with Warm White for snow. (Note: To use texture brush, dampen bristles with water to start separation of bristles. Tap bristles into paint on palette, hole it perpendicular to palette, pounce it up and down to remove some paint, keeping paint sparse on brush. This brush can be used on whole foot or just the top. Tap lightly on surface, dance with brush up and down, rolling brush in different directions in between fingers when it is up in the air. Allow some drying time between dances so paint sets up and to prevent a muddy look.)
  • 5. For structures, basecoat building walls Charcoal Grey and roofs Dove Grey. Use appropriate size shader and Dove Grey to pull windows, doors and top door braces. Pull chimneys and steeple braces with Charcoal Grey. Double-load 10/0 liner with mix of Dove Grey with Warm White; pull side roof lines to each building. Using small texture brush and Warm White, pounce (dance) snow here and there over roofs.
  • 6. For wreaths, use #0 shader and Charcoal Grey to pull tree trunks and branches. With Dove Grey on chisel edge of shader, streak highlight over trunks and branches. Using 10/0 liner with Cherry Red, pull Cardinal in foreground tree. Place a dip dot with Warm White for eye and pull a line for small beak.
  • 7. For fence posts, use #6 shader and Charcoal Grey to pull posts for each fence. Load #2 shader across chisel edge with Dove Grey; streak highlighting over posts. Double-load 10/0 liner with mix of Charcoal Grey + Dove Grey; pull wiring. Use small texture brush and Warm White to pounce (dance) snow on a couple of posts.
  • 8. For red detailing, use appropriate size brush and Cherry Red to base in church bell, sled, weathervane and moon on outhouse. Dip dot ornaments in foreground pine.
  • 9. For snow pines, use small texture brush and Warm White to pounce (dance) snow randomly under buildings. Corner-load angle with Warm White; chisel float randomly under snow piles.
  • 10. For falling snow, use spattering tool and water-thinned Warm White to spatter over entire design.
  • 11. Use oval wash combo to apply varnish.