Winter Candle Box

By  Yvette Kresal 

  • Winter Candle Box
  • Other Side View
  • Painting Chart


  • DecoArt Americana Acrylics: Avocado, Baby Blue, Black Green, Dried Basil Green, Espresso, Evergreen, Jade Green, Light Avocado, Light Mocha, Lamp (Ebony) Black, Mink Tan, Ocean Blue, Rookwood Red, Sapphire, Traditional Burnt Umber, Uniform Blue, Warm White
  • Brushes: Loew-Cornell La Corneille Golden Taklon-Acrylic Handle: Shader, Series 7300C, #2, #8, #12; Glaze/Wash, Series 7550C, 3/4"; Filbert, Series 7500C, #4; Jackie Shaw Liner, Series JSC, #1; Round, Series 7000C, #3
  • DecoArt: Americana Acrylic Multi-Purpose Sealer; DuraClear Varnish, Satin
  • Domed Candle Box (BX108) from Smooth Cut Wood

Pattern - Winter Candle Box

  • Preparation
  • 1. Use sealer to seal entire box or incorporate sealer with first base colors (1:1).
  • 2. Print out pattern; transfer inset line on each side of box. For winter scene, base inset on left side of box Uniform Blue. For summer scene, base inset on right side of box Baby Blue. Use Dried Basil Green to paint outer edges of inset, and front and back bottom of box. Paint drawer with equal mix of Lt. Avocado + Espresso. Base lid and lid edges Espresso. Transfer basic pattern lines onto inset on left side of box. (Transfer details as needed.)
  • Painting Steps
  • 1. Refer to Painting Chart.

    Painting Chart
  • Sky
  • 1. Use Sapphire to highlight area around and under moon for glow; use #12 shader to slip-slap and walk paint out. Highlight again with Ocean Blue. (Note: Add layers as needed for desired brightness.) For moon, use equal mix of Baby Blue + Ocean Blue (1:1); use liner to loosely line around moon. Use stylus to dot Baby Blue "stars".
  • Snowy Hills
  • 1. Use mix of Uniform Blue + Baby Blue (1:1) to float top edge of hills; lighten with Lt. Mocha.
  • Cottage
  • 1. Base fronts Mink Tan. Shade Espresso under roof then deepen with Traditional Burnt Umber; line downward for wood panel lines. Float roofs Lt. Mocha; highlight Warm White.
  • 2. Wash windows Traditional Burnt Umber. Use Lt. Mocha to outline and add panes; use Warm White to brighten tops of each frame. Use Rookwood Red to paint door, shutters, and chimneys.
  • Bare Branched Trees
  • 1. Line Traditional Burnt Umber, then use Lamp Black to darken onethird of fine branches around moon. Randomly add Baby Blue "snow"; brighten with Warm White. Line bushes Traditional Burnt Umber; add Snow White "snow" on tips.
  • Evergreens
  • 1. Use round brush to base Evergreen; turn surface upside down and stroke tiers from bottom up. Turn surface right side up. Shade Black Green under each tier and use chisel edge to shade down onto tiers. Highlight some branches Avocado, then lighten with very small amount of Jade Green. For snow, use liner and Baby Blue; add Warm White on branch tips.
  • Inset Border and Leaf Design
  • 1. Use #2 shader outline inset Rookwood Red.
  • 2. Transfer leafy tree pattern on front of box and leaf pattern to sides of inset reversing pattern for right side. Line branches and vines Traditional Burnt Umber. Use filbert and Lt. Avocado to base all leaves. Wash Espresso over some leaves on front of box and add random tiny filler leaves. Lightly line bottom of leaves and center veins on side of box with mix of Avocado + Evergreen (1:1). Dot berries Rookwood Red.
  • Finishing
  • 1. For mottled look on lid, sponge with mix of Espresso and Traditional Burnt Umber; deepen edges only with Traditional Burnt Umber. Use mix of Traditional Burnt Umber + Lamp Black (1:1) to float shading along outer edges of lid. Use Rookwood Red to paint base and knobs.
  • 2. Apply two to three varnish coats over completed design areas.