Vintage Sam's Gas Can

By  Sue Beckerton 

size: 16" tall

  • Vintage Sam's Gas Can


  • Flea market find metal gas can
  • DecoArt Palette Traditions: Medium Red Rose, Naphthol Red, Carbon Black, Med. Grey, Dk. Grey, Burgundy, Naphthol Red Lt.


  • Dynasty Black Gold Brushes: Series 206S Shaders (#8, 10); Series 206FW Flat Wash Glaze; Series 206R Round (#1); Series 206WO Oval Wash; Series 3000B Mongolian Bright (#8, 10); Micron Detail (#10/0, 15/0); Decorator 200 Round Dry Brush (12); Decorator 400 Mini Mop 1/4”, 1/2”
  • DecoArt Palette Traditions: Multi-Surface Sealer, Satin Varnish

Basic Supplies

  • sanding sponges, white graphite, stylus, pencil, tracing paper, scouring pad

Pattern - Vintage Sam's Gas Can

  • Note
  • 1. Drybrushing is done with decorator or Mongolian bright. Use #10, 14, or 3/4" flat with touch of Glazing Medium to complete floats. Use 10/0 or 20/0 with paint thinned to ink consistency to complete line work. For tints, load 3/4" flat as if to float, blending on palette so well-loaded.
  • Gas Can
  • 1. Wash gas can with cleaner and scrub with scouring pad. Rinse and dry well. Apply sealer and let cure overnight.
  • 2. Print out pattern. Transfer design onto gas can using white graphite. Do wash over floor with Carbon Black, concentrating paint on front right wheel. Re-transfer design.
  • 3. Basecoat front of gas pump Med. Grey. Undercoat all red areas of pump, car, and rims Med. Red Rose and overcoat areas Naphthol Red. Basecoat interior of car Dark Grey, tiers Carbon Black, and chrome Light Grey.
  • 4. Float grey areas Med. Grey. Darken with brush mix of Carbon Black. Outline Carbon Black. Drybrush highlights in center Titanium White. Drybrush highlights on red areas with brush mix of Naphthol Red + Titanium White. Drybrush shades Burgundy. Outline inner box Carbon Black. Basecoat small details Dark Grey. Basecoat hose Carbon Black. Drybrush soft highlights Light Grey. Basecoat nozzle Light Grey and shade Med. Grey.
  • 5. For interior of car, float to shade seats and roof Carbon Black. Float highlights on top of seats Light Grey. Line steering wheel Dark Grey. Add small highlight Light Grey. For body of car, slowly build shape by lightly drybrushing shades along sides and hood Burgundy. Deepen and sharpen angles with light floats. Build highlight with soft layers of Naphthol Red Lt. + Titanium White. Stroke bold highlight Titanium White. Add "stitch" line under windshield Carbon Black. For grille, basecoat grille and two slender spots under grille Carbon Black. Stroke horizontal lines Dark Grey and vertical lines Med. Grey. Highlight odd line Light Grey. Float around grille and onto lines Carbon Black. For chrome, float all areas Dark Grey and darken with brush mix of Carbon Black. Use liner to outline headlights. Use #1 round to highlight squiggles inside headlights Titanium White.
  • 6. For lettering, transfer name and basecoat Carbon Black. Drybrush soft highlight in center of each letter Titanium White. Stroke bold highlight using liner.
  • 7. To finish, let cure overnight. Apply two coats varnish, allowing each coat to dry between.