Vermilion Flycatchers Birdhouse

By  Anne Hunter 

size: 10"x6"

  • Vermilion Flycatchers Birdhouse


  • Painter’s Paradise Mushroom-Shaped Birdhouse (#1207044)
  • Jo Sonja Artists’ Colors: Burnt Umber, Cadmium Orange, Carbon Black, Moss Green, Naples Yellow Hue, Olive Green, Unbleached Titanium, Vermilion, Yellow Light


  • Scharff Paintbrushes: Series 405 Round 1, 3; Series 455 Liner 0; Series 155 1/4” Angular; Series 425 3/4” Moon Filbert
  • Clear glazing medium
  • Flow medium
  • Gel retarder
  • Matte spray varnish

Basic Supplies

  • white chalk pencil, transfer paper

Pattern - Vermilion Flycatchers Birdhouse

  • 1. Slip slap bottom of birdhouse with filbert loaded with Moss Green, Olive Green, Unbleached Titanium, and glazing medium. Let dry.
  • 2. Print out pattern. Transfer pattern onto birdhouse.
  • 3. Use #2 filbert to base birds Carbon Black. While still wet, pick up Yellow Light in lighter areas, and repeat with small amount Unbleached Titanium. For orange areas on head, body, and triangle on tail, fluff in Yellow Light, pick up Cadmium Orange, and Vermilion. Let dry.
  • 4. Apply thin layer retarder on bird. Use #1 Round to refine black areas with Carbon Black; add Yellow Light and Unbleached Titanium.
  • 5. On body, use #1 Round loaded with Cadmium Orange in darker areas, add Vermilion, and Burnt Umber in darker shadow areas. Pick up Yellow Light in lighter areas, moving to Naples Yellow Hue to highlight.
  • 6. Use #1 Round loaded with mix of Carbon Black and Unbleached Titanium to medium grey color to paint eye. Paint pupil Carbon Black. Add highlight dot Unbleached Titanium.
  • 7. Paint beak medium grey mix and use 1/4" angular shader loaded with Carbon Black to shade beak at face and top of bottom section. Highlight top of beak and bottom area with Unbleached Titanium.
  • 8. For branches, use #3 Round doubled-loaded with Burnt Umber and Unbleached Titanium. Use end of handle to dot berries Vermilion. Let dry completely, then shade with a 1/4" angular side-loaded Burnt Umber. Add highlight dot Unbleached Titanium.
  • 9. For feet, use #0 liner double-loaded with Carbon Black and Unbleached Titanium.
  • 10. To finish, apply spray varnish with several coats of matte varnish.
  • Tip
  • 1. Because of the irregular shape of this surface, it's easier to transfer the design in pieces. Cut the traced pattern of the birds apart and place them on the birdhouse separately. Use white chalk pencil to re-connect branches.