Trimmed Trees

By  Melony Bradley 

size: 12" tall

  • Trimmed Trees
  • Closeup View of Top of Tree
  • Closeup View of Container


  • Metal pots, 4" tall, two
  • STYROFOAM Brand Foam (Dow), two each: Cones, 6"; Balls, 2"
  • Wooden items: dowels: 1/8", 4" long; 1", 8" long
  • Assorted ribbon and trim scraps or cheesecloth
  • Americana Acrylic Paints (DecoArt): Lamp Black; Parchment; Antique White
  • CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski Elements Black Bicone Beads (Swarovski), 6mm
  • Sequin pins
  • Brown excelsior
  • Vintage photo of choice


  • Fleur de lis rubber stamps
  • Black pigment ink pad
  • Duraclear Varnish (DecoArt)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Foam brush
  • Aleene's (iLoveToCreate): Original Tacky Glue; Acid-Free Tacky Glue
  • Sanding block
  • Drill with 1/32" bit
  • Wax candle
  • Kitchen knife
  • 1. Sand edges of large dowel if needed. Paint large dowel, wooden circle and metal pots Lamp Black. When dry, dry brush one metal pot Antique White. Randomly rub surface of wooden circle with wax candle. Paint Parchment. When dry, sand lightly to reveal distressed finish. Use foam brush to apply varnish to pots.
  • 2. Stamp fleur de lis on wooden circle. Drill small hole in bottom of circle. Place glue over hole and insert small dowel.
  • 3. Glue ribbon in an alternating pattern to cone, staring at bottom and continuing until entire cone is covered. For cheesecloth covered cone, dilute Tacky Glue with equal parts water. Use foam brush to apply a thick coat of glue mixture to cone. Wrap cheesecloth around cone, top to bottom and secure with sequin pins. Insert sequin pins into holes on bicone beads and place a small amount of glue on end of pin. Insert pins into cone in random spots.
  • 4. Use Acid-Free Tacky Glue to adhere vintage photo to pot. If needed, secure with rubber band while drying.
  • 5. Use knife to cut STYROFOAM Ball in half. Place glue on flat side of ball and glue to bottom of pot. Insert large dowel into bottom side of cone. Remove and place glue on dowel end. Replace dowel to glue to bottom of cone. Repeat steps to glue ball to bottom of pot. Place excelsior in pot. Insert dowel glued to stamped circle into top of cone. Remove and place glue on end of dowel, then place into top of cone.