Tin Can Doggie

By  Mary Ayres 

Add some fun to your garden décor with this whimsical tin can doggie.

  • Tin Can Doggie


  • Recycled tin cans: 2"x2-1/2" (head); 4"x4-3/4" (body)
  • Rusty tin ceiling tile, 12" square
  • Americana Acrylic Paints: Warm White, Cocoa, Country Red, Baby Blue, Lamp Black, Milk Chocolate (DecoArt)
  • Pewter mini brads, four
  • Black paper fastener
  • Jute twine, 8" length
  • Aged cardstock
  • Jump ring, 7mm
  • Smooth wire


  • Multi-Purpose Sealer (DecoArt)
  • Paintbrushes: Angular White Bristle, Series 985, 1"; Flat Bristle, Series 425, #10; Shader, Series 150, #2 (Royal & Langnickel)
  • Hammer and nail
  • Sharp metal-cutting scissors
  • Computer and printer

Pattern - Tin Can Doggie

  • 1. Wash and dry cans. Use adhesive remover if needed. Fill cans two-thirds of the way with water and place in freezer until frozen. Use hammer and nail to punch holes as follows: two in each side of head (for ears); two for eyes; one (for nose); one on each side at bottom (to attach to body); two on each side of body at top (to attach head); two on each side (for arms); two at bottom (for legs); one in back (for tail). Sand sides of can.
  • 2. Apply one coat sealer to cans; let dry. Basecoat cans Milk Chocolate.
  • 3. Print and cut out patterns. Cut four legs, two ears, muzzle, tongue, and tail from rusty tin ceiling tile. Use hammer and nail to punch holes in rusty tin pieces as indicated on patterns. Bend pieces for added dimension.
  • 4. Basecoat dog pieces Warm White. On top of white, paint ears and random spots Cocoa, and tongue Country Red. Dry brush muzzle Country Red and Cocoa. Sand dog pieces for distressed look.
  • 5. To attach nails to paws, thread wire lengths through holes in paws and twist ends together, trimming wire close to twist. Attach brads to eye holes and paint Lamp Black dot on each brad. Sand black paper fastener and insert through nose hole on muzzle. Attach tongue with wire to prongs on nose. Attach prongs to nose hole on head. Attach ears, legs, and tail to cans with wire through holes, twisting and trimming ends. Attach head to body with wire in same way.
  • 6. Print "doggone cute" on cardstock. Cut rectangle around words. Cut larger rusty tin tile rectangle and trim ends on one side diagonally for tag. Paint tag Baby Blue and sand for distressed look. Glue cardstock rectangle to tag. Punch holes in top of tag and ends of paper on tag. Attach pewter brads to tags through paper holes. Attach metal jump ring through tag hole. Insert jute through jump ring and tie around neck.