Sunlit Pears

By  Bob Pennycook 

  • Sunlit Pears
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  • JoSonja: Artists Colors: Prussian Blue, Raw Sienna, Turners Yellow, Ultra Blue Deep, Warm White; Background Colors: Primrose
  • FM Dynasty: Black Gold, Series 206: Shader, #10; Round, #1; Oval Wash, 1"; Liner, #1; Decorator Collection: Dry Brush, Series 200, #6; Dome Duster
  • JoSonja Artist Mediums: Clear Glaze; Retarder & Antiquing; All Purpose Sealer
  • Frescolina Texture Medium
  • Pear plaque (#P195), 6"x16" from Coyote Woodworks


  • Shop towels

Pattern - Sunlit Pears

  • Preparation
  • 1. Use palette knife to spread Frescolina over center design area. (Note: Refer to Fig. 1 to determine texture amount.) Let dry overnight or use hair dryer to speed drying time. (Note: Frescolina will often crackle as it dries; this does not harm the integrity of the medium, but it does give another level of texture.)

    Fig. 1
  • 2. Base design area Primrose. Dry. Apply top coat of glazing medium. Air or force dry. Apply thin retarder layer over design area. Visually divide design area into three sections; brush Raw Sienna on left third, Ultra Blue Deep in middle, and Prussian Blue on right third. Wipe back with shop towel starting at left and working right. (Note: Background should have three olor values from light, to medium, to dark. If light value needs to be lighter, dip shop towel in retarder and gently rub paint.)
  • 3. Print out pattern; transfer basic pattern lines. (Transfer details as needed.)
  • Pears
  • 1. Base pears Turners Yellow (Fig. 2). Apply thin retarder layer over design area. Apply a little more Prussian Blue over right third of design area; wipe back with shop towel working from right to left and over pears giving pears a slight green cast. Dry brush Turners Yellow over left half of each pear to intensify yellow and to create highlight. Use dirty brush and a little Warm White to dry brush brightest highlights spots. Apply thin retarder layer over pears. Shade pears Prussian Blue; pounce dome duster over shaded area to soften and blend. Wet shader with glazing medium; pick up a little Raw Sienna and lightly brush bottom right of full pears to create yellow cast or reflected light (Fig. 3).

    Fig. 2

    Fig. 3
  • 2. Use brush mix of Raw Sienna and Prussian Blue to dry brush cast shadows on background at bottom right of pears.
  • 3. Base stems with brush mix of Ultra Blue Deep and Raw Sienna; add touches of Turners Yellow highlight along left side, then brighten with mix of Turners Yellow + Warm White.
  • 4. Wrap shop towel around index finger; dip into retarder and wipe away light on "table"; make highlight wider to left of pears and just a skinny line to right of pears.
  • Plaque Border
  • 1. Use Prussian Blue to paint border and sides, making sure to get plenty of paint in carved lettering. Use clean dry dome duster and mix of Raw Sienna + Ultra Blue Deep (1:1) to dry brush border and sides; using dirty brush, repeat with Turners Yellow and then Warm White. Load liner with retarder and Prussian Blue; paint groove around center design area; rub finger over top of groove to remove excess paint. Repeat if needed to darken groove.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Let cure several days. Apply one coat glazing medium as barrier. Let dry. Apply two to three varnish coats.