Summertime Delivery

By  Nancy Scott 

  • Summertime Delivery


  • DecoArt Americana Acrylics: Buttermilk, Cocoa, Grey Sky, Hauser Light Green, Heritage Brick, Light Avocado, Traditional Burnt Umber, Williamsburg Blue
  • Royal & Langnickel Aqualon: Angular, Series R2160, 1/4", 1/2", 1"; Round, Series 2250, #4; Shader, Series R2150, #2; Liner, Series R2595, #10/0; Script Liner, Series R2585, #1
  • Small worn out scruffy
  • Black "Townhouse" Mailbox available through most home improvement stores (e.g.: Home Depot or Lowe's)


  • Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating (#1303)
  • Liberty Matte Finish spray

Pattern - Summertime Delivery

  • Preparation
  • 1. Apply matte finish over painting surface for "tooth" and to dull. Let dry. Print pattern; transfer oval shape on mailbox lid. Base oval Grey Sky for solid coverage. Let dry. Transfer hill pattern lines.
  • Sky and Hills
  • 1. Use #1 angular to float Williamsburg Blue across top of sky and walk it out. Use Hauser Lt. Green to float top of each hill, walking each down to establish foreground color. Let dry and repeat application of color once or twice more. Side-load 1/2" angular with Lt. Avocado; darken top of each hill, walking color out again, but not as far.
  • 2. Use script liner to outline oval Williamsburg Blue. Transfer basic pattern lines (transfer details as needed.)
  • Buildings
  • 1. Base "Post Office" Heritage Brick. Base homes on right Buttermilk. Base all roofs Traditional Burnt Umber. Use round brush to wash Cocoa on right sides of each home. Use Traditional Burnt Umber to paint doors, windows, and chimneys on all buildings; paint Post Office overhang and posts. Use shader to lightly streak Cocoa highlights across roofs. Base Post Office sign Cocoa and lettering Traditional Burnt Umber.
  • Flagpole and Trees
  • 1. Use liner and Traditional Burnt Umber to paint flagpole and tree trunks. Stipple tree foliage Hauser Lt. Green and Lt. Avocado. Shade ground under flag pole in same manner as hills.
  • 2. Base flag Buttermilk; add Heritage Brick stripes. Paint field Williamsburg Blue; use liner and Buttermilk to dot stars.
  • Vine Border
  • 1. Use script liner, Traditional Burnt Umber and Cocoa to paint vine. Use shader to one stroke leaves in Hauser Lt. Green or Lt. Avocado. Shade some Hauser Lt. Green leaves Lt. Avocado, then use liner to paint Lt. Avocado centers. Use round brush to stroke Heritage Brick petals; dot centers Hauser Lt. Green.
  • Nest
  • 1. Use liner to stroke twigs in Traditional Burnt Umber, Cocoa, and Buttermilk. Paint center Traditional Burnt Umber. Base eggs Williamsburg Blue. Use round brush and brush mix of Williamsburg Blue and Buttermilk to lightly tap on speckles; use script liner to tap smaller Buttermilk speckles. Use script liner to shade a bit of Traditional Burnt Umber between eggs to "settle" into nest.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Use round brush and Williamsburg Blue to paint "Mail" lettering and border to either side.
  • 2. Follow manufacturer's directions to apply several Crystal Clear coats.