Summer Swim Team

By  Annie Lang 

Swim into summer with this delightful group of whimsical water characters! Use this adorable set while building sand castles at the beach or serving up summer beverages at an outdoor party!

  • Summer Swim Team Glassware
  • Summer Swim Team Bucket


  • Aluminum pail, 4-1/2" tall, 7-1/2" diameter
  • Round 1-quart pitcher, 5-1/2"x9"
  • Round glass, 3"x6"


  • Robert Simmons Expression Brushes: Clear Medium Liner, Series E51, 18/0, 2/0. #0; Round, Series E85, #3, #5, #8; Flat Shader, Series E60, #2; Angle Shader, Series E57, 3/8”, 5/8”
  • DecoArt No-Prep Metal Paint (for bucket only): Bright White, Sunlight Yellow, Fresh Lavender, Lagoon Blue, Coal Black, Strawberry Shake, Bright Lime Green, Bright Blue, Light Apricot, Soft Blue
  • DecoArt Ultra Gloss Paint (for glassware only): Gloss White, Cadmium Yellow, Lavender, Turquoise, Gloss Black, Royal Fuchsia, Yellow Green, True Blue, Medium Flesh

Basic Supplies

  • transfer paper, sponge brush, household sponge; glassware: Etchall Etching Crème, household sponge, wide masking tape

Pattern - Summer Swim Team

  • Note
  • 1. Paint glassware in same way as pail, using glass paints instead of metal paints. All paints in directions are metal paints. If painting on glass, please follow alternate palette and make adjustments as follows: 1.) Outline bubbles with Gloss White. Do not add shading or shadowing. 2.) Eliminate dots, shadowing, pail handle, and rim sections.
  • Bucket
  • 1. Mix vinegar and water; wash bucket to remove oil and residue. Sponge paint bottom and sides with 2 coats Bright White. Load household sponge with Soft Blue, then tap it up and down on palette to distribute paint evenly. Gently tap paint onto basecoated areas, using an up and down pouncing motion for a light, airy look for background. Print and transfer pattern.

    Summer Swim Team Bucket
  • Glassware
  • 1. Cut a 17" length of masking tape in half lengthwise and cut wavy edge. Wrap tape around upper portion of pitcher so scalloped edge rests just below upper base of pitcher handle. Place remaining tape along bottom section of pitcher so scalloped edge rests slightly above lower base of pitcher handle. Follow manufacturer's instructions to etch unmasked glassware between pitcher handle with etching cream.
  • 2. Load sponge with etching cream. Holding pitcher upside down, tap cream onto handle and base of pitcher, using an up and down pouncing motion. Repeat sponging technique for beverage glasses. Wait 15 minutes, rinse under running water, and dry with towel.
  • 3. Print patterns for swimmers #1-4 and fish motifs #1-5, then transfer around middle section of etched pitcher. Transfer swimmer #2 to center of beverage glass.
  • Painting Instructions
  • 1. Use pattern numbering guide to paint fish as follows:
  • Fish
  • 1. Note: Use pattern numbering guide to paint fish as follows:
  • 2. Fish #1: Paint head and tail Fresh Lavender, fins Strawberry Shake, and center stripe Sunlight Yellow.
  • 3. Fish #2: Paint tail and fin Bright Blue, center stripe Sunlight Yellow, and remaining areas Strawberry Shake.
  • 4. Fish #3: Paint head and tail Bright Blue, and tail and fins Lagoon Blue.
  • 5. Fish #4: Paint tail and fins Fresh Lavender, center stripe Strawberry Shake, and remaining areas Sunlight Yellow.
  • 6. Fish #5: Paint fins Bright Blue, center stripe Fresh Lavender, and remaining areas Strawberry Shake.
  • 7. Fish #6: Paint fin and stripe near tail Lagoon Blue, head and tail Sunlight Yellow, stripe near head Fresh Lavender, stripe next to lavender Strawberry Shake, and remaining stripe Bright Blue.
  • 8. Fish #7: Paint head, side fin, and tail Sunlight Yellow; top fin Bright Blue; stripe Lagoon Blue.
  • Swimmers
  • 1. Note: Use pattern numbering guide to paint swimmers as follows:
  • 2. All Swimmers: Paint faces and skin areas Lt. Apricot, and noses and cheeks Strawberry Shake. Use 2/0 liner to paint all eyes and inner mouths Coal Black. Paint tongues Strawberry Shake. Flippers are Bright Lime Green. Sweep a few Bright White diagonal strokes inside goggle areas to simulate glass reflections.
  • 3. Swimmer #1: Paint swimsuit and hair ties Strawberry Shake, goggle frames Lagoon Blue, and hair Sunlight Yellow.
  • 4. Swimmer #2: Paint swimsuit Fresh Lavender, goggle frames Sunlight Yellow, and hair Coal Black.
  • 5. Swimmer #3: Paint swimsuit Bright Blue. When dry, use 2/0 liner to add Sunlight Yellow polka dots to bathing suit. Hair ties are Fresh Lavender and hair is Sunlight Yellow.
  • 6. Swimmer #4: Paint swimsuit Lagoon Blue and goggle frames Fresh Lavender. Use 2/0 liner to paint hair Coal Black, using a loose, swirling motion.
  • 7. Swimmer #5: Paint swimsuit, goggle frames, and arm bands Fresh Lavender. Use 2/0 liner to paint hair Coal Black.
  • 8. Swimmer #6: Paint hair strands Sunlight Yellow, sleeve Bright Blue, goggles Strawberry Shake, outer seashell boat Bright Lime Green, inner boat Lagoon Blue. Use #0 liner to paint string attached to fish Bright Blue.
  • Bubbles
  • 1. Use 2/0 liner to outline each bubble with Bright White. When dry, use 18/0 liner to add Bright Blue outline only to left side of each bubble.
  • Dots
  • 1. Use #3 round brush to randomly add tiny Bright Blue accent dots around motifs to help fill in any blank areas between characters.
  • Shadowing
  • 1. Thin Bright Blue with Clear Medium: use 3/8" angle to apply thinned shadowing color around outside border edges of motifs.
  • Waves
  • 1. Standing flat brush on it's sharp edge, randomly sweep Bright White waves around pail by pulling tip of brush horizontally across painted areas, using a "squiggling" motion as you pull each wave.
  • Outlining and Details
  • 1. Use 18/0 liner to add Coal Black outlining and detail lines to character motifs.
  • Pail Handle and Rims
  • 1. Use a "squiggling" motion with #5 round to paint around inside rim of bucket with 2-3 coats of Bright Blue for a scalloped border edge. When dry, paint remaining rim area and pail handle Bright Blue.