Star-Spangeld Christmas Table Runner

By  Chris Thornton-Deason 

  • Star-Spangeld Christmas Table Runner


  • DecoArt SoSoft Fabric Acrylics: Antique Gold, Avocado Green, Buttermilk, Christmas Red, Dark Chocolate, Dark Burgundy, Hauser Dark Green, Hauser Light Green, Lamp Black, Lemon, Navy Blue, Ocean Blue, Pine Green, Pistachio Green, Tangerine, Ultra White
  • Brushes: Royal & Langnickel: Aqualon: Script Liner, Series R2585, #1; Shader, Series R2150, #4, #8, #14; Royal Soft-Grip: Bristle Foliage, Series SG1460, #8
  • Burlap fabric, 2 yds. (available at your local fabric store) or fabric of choice


  • White chalk
  • Sewing needle and matching thread
  • Optional: Sewing machine or Dritz Stitch Witchery

Pattern - Star-Spangeld Christmas Table Runner

  • Preparation
  • 1. If using fabric other than burlap, wash and dry fabric; do not use fabric softeners or sizing. Cut fabric to measure 18"x67" (adjust as needed for table). Use iron to press 1/2" seam along long edges; hand sew in place (optional: machine sew or follow manufacturer's directions to fuse in place). For short ends of fabric, bring corners together forming a point at each end; press and trim excess fabric, and sew in 1/2" seams.
  • 2. Print out pattern. For ease in transferring pattern lines, very heavily chalk back of pattern on lines. Turn pattern over and use stylus to trace over pattern lines. (Note: To prevent pattern from tearing when using stylus, it is recommended to apply clear packing tape over top of pattern.)
  • 3. Use appropriate size shader and Buttermilk to undercoat all pattern elements, omitting pine boughs. (Note: When painting on burlap, do not worry about filling in entire weave; allow brush to skim across top of weave. Be sure to cover work surface.)
  • Pine Boughs and Holly Leaves
  • 1. Use bristle foliage brush and Pine Green to streak pine boughs following direction of pattern; repeat using Hauser Lt. Green and then Pistachio Green.
  • 2. Use #14 shader and brush mix of Avocado Green plus a touch of Hauser Dk. Green to base holly leaves; shade Hauser Dk. Green along bottom half of leaves. Add a touch of Ultra White to basecoat mix to highlight upper half of leaves.
  • Blue Areas
  • 1. Use Ocean Blue to base candles, candle bases, top of ornaments, flag fields, and base of lamb ornaments. Use Navy Blue to shade as follows: each side of flag fields, each side of ornament tops, each side of candle bases, each side of candles, and above wheels of lamb ornament. Use mix of Ocean Blue + Ultra White (1:1) to highlight as follows: center area of ornament tops, candles, candle bases, and flag fields. Stipple Ultra White "stars" on flag fields and ornament tops.
  • Red Areas
  • 1. Use Christmas Red to base stripes on flags and ornaments, bottom of ornaments, candles, bases of candles, holly berries, center of lamb ornament wheels and pull string. Use Dk. Burgundy to shade as follows: each end of flag stripes, top and bottom of ornament stripes, each side of ornament bottoms, each side of candle bases, each side of candles, bottom half of berries, and wheel centers. Use Tangerine to highlight as follows: center of flag and ornament stripes, center area of ornament bottoms, candles, and candle bases, top of wheels, and center area of pull string; dot berries.
  • White Areas
  • 1. Apply another Buttermilk coat to stripes on flags and ornaments, melted wax on candle tops, and lambs. Use Dk. Chocolate to shade as follows: define ears and tummy of lambs, each end of flag stripes, top and bottom of ornament stripes. Use Ultra White to highlight areas.
  • Yellow Areas
  • 1. Use mix of Antique Gold + tch. of Lemon to base horns, candles, stars, wheels, candle flames, and center stripes of ornaments and candle bases. Use mix of Antique Gold + tch. of Dk. Chocolate to shade areas omitting candle flames. Use mix of Tangerine + tch. of Christmas Red to shade base of candle flames. Float highlights on areas first with Lemon, then brighten with mix of Lemon + tch. of Ultra White.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Use liner and Dk. Chocolate to add candle wicks. Use Lamp Black to base black areas on lamb; while wet, stroke Ultra White highlight lines. When finished, use foliage brush and Hauser Lt. Green to randomly stroke a few pine boughs over ornament and candle bases.