Santa Wreath Hanger

By  Karen Strubel 

  • Santa Wreath Hanger
  • Without Wreath


  • DecoArt Americana Acrylics: Avocado, Bleached Sand, Burnt Umber, Flesh Tone, Foliage Green, Lamp (Ebony) Black, Mississippi Mud, Rookwood Red, Snow (Titanium) White
  • Brushes: Daler-Rowney Robert Simmons, Simply Simmons: Flat Wash, 1"; Angle Shader, 1/2"; Liner, #10/0; Flat Shader, #6, #12
  • Brushes: FM Dynasty Decorator Collection: Dry Brush, Series 200, #8
  • Chezza Fur Brush, 3/16"
  • Old mop brush
  • Wreath hanger
  • Santa Wreath Hanger (#2132) from WareKare
  • Delta Exterior/Interior Varnish, Satin


  • Small screws, two
  • Super Film sanding paper

Pattern - Santa Wreath Hanger

  • Preparation
  • 1. Remove mittens. Use flat wash brush and Snow White to undercoat all wood surfaces. Print out patterns; transfer basic face pattern lines. (Transfer details as needed.)
  • Santa's Face and Beard
  • 1. Use #12 flat shader to base Flesh Tone; use angle shader to shade Burnt Umber around edges of face; shade alog top and bottom of lip. Use fur brush and thinned Bleached Sand to base all hair features, mustache, and beard. Repeat using Snow White. Use angle shader and Burnt Umber to shade hair under hat, under eyebrows, along outer edges of face hair, and under mustache.
  • Eyes, Nose, and Mouth
  • 1. Use liner to paint eyes Lamp Black; use thinned paint to line eyelashes. Use angle shader to highlight Snow White along bottom edge of eyes; use liner to add highlight dots at top and bottom. Use angle shader to lightly shade Mississippi Mud on face along outer sides of eyes and around nose. Use angle shader to very lightly shade Rookwood Red around nose; highlight Snow White along top. Very lightly shade Rookwood Red along bottom of lip and highlight Snow White along top.
  • Hat and Coat
  • 1. Use #12 flat shader and Rookwood Red to base red part of hat and coat. Use same brush and Avocado to base green areas of hat; use #6 and #12 flat shaders and Foliage Green to add light green stripes. Use liner and thinned Snow White to add swirls to red part of hat.
  • 2. Use angle shader and Lamp Black to shade along bottom of pom-pom, on red part of hat above hat brim, along bottom of hat brim, and on coat to form sleeves.
  • Wording
  • 1. Use flat wash and thinned Lamp Black to float horizontal border line on coat 1-5/8" from base of Santa. Use same brush and Lamp Black to paint three 1-1/2"-wide checks at base of Santa within border, placing one at each side of mittens and one in center. Use liner and Snow White to paint "HO" in each of the checks and to paint pointed stars. Use liner and Foliage Green to paint wiggly outline along checked edges.
  • Mittens
  • 1. Use #12 flat shader and Lamp Black to base mittens. For cuffs, use old mop brush and brush mix of Bleached Sand and Snow White to lightly tap 2"-wide cuffs at bottom of mittens.
  • 2. Use #6 flat shader and Avocado to base trees. (Note: Use pattern to create your own stencil or use painter's tape to tape off edges.) In same manner as cuffs, use Bleached Sand and Foliage Green to tap over trees.
  • 3. Use #12 flat shader and Rookwood Red to add checked border along cut edges of mittens omitting cuff area.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Use Bleached Sand to dry brush sleeves. Use liner and brush mix of thinned Bleached Sand and Snow White to pull wispy hairs along outer edges of beard.
  • 2. Lightly sand all wood items. Apply two to three varnish coats on painted surfaces. Screw in mittens and wreath hanger on back of Santa.