"Rose in Bloom" Vase

By  Denise Clason 

size: 6"x11"

  • Rose in Bloom Vase


  • Glass vase, 11” diameter, 6” tall
  • Gallery Glass (Plaid): Instant Lead Floral Line; Redi Lead Strips, 1/8”-wide; Liquid Leading; Window Colors: Magenta Rose; Lime Green; Blue Diamond; Berry Red; Kelly Green; Crystal Clear


  • Gallery Glass Tool Set (Plaid)
  • Clear tape

Pattern - Rose in Bloom Vase

  • 1. Print out pattern on page. Tape pattern inside vase.
  • 2. Cut rose from rose instant leading and press into position.
  • 3. Cut leaves from instant leading, removing part of pattern to create pattern. Press pieces into position.
  • 4. Apply redi-leading strips as shown on pattern. Cut to lengths needed and make sure pieces are all touching each other.
  • 5. Cut small hole in liquid leading bottle. Apply small amount of leading at each "joint". Let dry completely.
  • 6. Follow manufacturer's instructions and refer to pattern to apply window colors. Apply color at top of pattern and Crystal Clear last. The lower part of the rose has two different colors. Apply darker color just below lighter color. Be careful not to smudge any color after applying it.
  • More
  • 1. For a more textured glass look, use the plastic tool.
  • 2. For a more smooth glass look, use the metal tool.