Restful Garden Setting

By  Diane Trierweiler 

  • Restful Garden Setting


  • DecoArt Americana Acrylics: Antique Gold, Avocado, Black Green, Burnt Umber, Cadmium Yellow, Country Blue, Deep Burgundy, Evergreen, Forest Green, Graphite, Grey Sky, Hi-Lite Flesh, Indian Turquoise, Limeade, Mocha, Royal Purple, Sapphire, Snow (Titanium) White
  • Loew-Cornell: La Corneille Golden Taklon: Shader, Series 7300, #2, #6, #12; Angular Shader, Series 7400, 1/2"
  • Specialty: Flat Glaze, Series 798, 3/4"
  • Diane Trierweiler Signature Brushes: Long Petal, #8; Landscaper, 3/8", 3/4"; Short Badger Fan, #2; Striper, #10/0
  • DecoArt Faux Glazing Medium; Texture Stucco (TX07); DuraClear Varnish, Gloss
  • Gallery canvas, 20"x24"

Pattern - Restful Garden Setting

  • Preparation
  • 1. Use large palette knife to spread Texture Stucco over entire canvas (use about half the jar). While wet, dab crumpled paper towel on stucco to create more texture. Canvas should appear to have brushstrokes throughout. Let dry overnight.
  • 2. Print out pattern; transfer basic pattern lines. (Transfer details as needed.)
  • Artist's Tips
  • 1. For oil painting look, work design using wet-on-wet technique. Hold brush at end of handle so edges don't appear hard or precise; softness of edges will give the impression the painting needs. To scumble is to slip-slap or to make x-strokes with two colors creating a third; keep these strokes small and do not over blend. For a more impressionistic look, use long handle brushes to dabble on colors without going back to "fix" things. Back lights are usually lavender tones placed in shadows to indicate highlights in dark areas.
  • Sky and Ground
  • 1. Pour a puddle of Faux Glazing Medium onto palette. Use long petal brush to separately scumble glazed color mix (90% glaze: 10% paint) to sky area using Sapphire, Indian Turquoise, and Snow White. In same manner, scumble glazed Mocha on ground area; while wet, add Burnt Umber to shadow areas. Let dry. Use same brush to dry brush Snow White in highlight areas.
  • Background Behind Fence
  • 1. Use long petal brush to scumble area with washy Avocado (80% water); soften edges with fingers. Add touches of washy Limeade and then touches of washy Limeade + Snow White. Add washy Country Blue shadows to indicate distant shrubs. Use 3/8" landscaper to stipple greens behind fence using Evergreen, Forest Green, and Limeade; tint here and there with Indian Turquoise.
  • Fence
  • 1. Use #6 shader to base Grey Sky; loosely highlight Hi-Lite Flesh and shade Country Blue. Dry brush Snow White highlights. Tint here and there with Indian Turquoise.
  • Birdhouse
  • 1. Use #6 shader and Mocha to base post and base of house; shade Burnt Umber and highlight Snow White. Base shadow side of house Grey Sky. Base remainder of house Snow White; while wet, shade Grey Sky. Use striper to lightly outline house with Graphite. Base hole Grey Sky; tint with touches of Indian Turquoise. Add Country Blue back light.
  • Upper Left Tree
  • 1. Use striper and Burnt Umber to paint branches. Use 3/4" landscaper to stipple greens using Black Green, Evergreen, Forest Green, and Limeade. Stipple some Country Blue for back lights.
  • Shrubs and Flowers
  • 1. Use 3/4" and 3/8" landscapers to stipple shrubs using Black Green, Evergreen, Forest Green, and Limeade. Add a little Cadmium Yellow to Limeade for lighter green.
  • 2. All flowers are stippled using weton- wet technique in following colors: Sapphire and Snow White; Indian Turquoise and Snow White; Cadmium Yellow and Snow White; Deep Burgundy and Hi-Lite Flesh; Royal Purple and White.
  • Hat
  • 1. Use #12 shader to base Antique Gold; while wet, shade Burnt Umber and highlight Cadmium Yellow. Base hat band Royal Purple; highlight Hi-Lite Flesh.
  • Chair
  • 1. Base entire chair Grey Sky; use striper for small weaves. Use striper and Snow White to add weaves on seat; use angular shader to shade Grey Sky. Use striper to add second layer of weave in Snow White. Shade Graphite in deepest shadow area.
  • 2. Base pillow Hi-Lite Flesh; lightly shade edges of center Grey Sky. Dry brush some Snow White highlights. Back light chair Country Blue in dark areas.
  • Table
  • 1. Use #12 shader to base tablecloth Grey Sky; dry brush Snow White on table top and to create folds. Shade Graphite. Tint Indian Turquoise. Add Country Blue back lights.
  • 2. Use wet-on-wet technique to paint vase, glass, and pitcher with Snow White and Grey Sky. Stipple center of pitcher and glass Cadmium Yellow. For flowers in vase, first stipple various greens, then stipple flowers with Antique Gold and Cadmium Yellow.
  • Flower Basket
  • 1. Paint basket in same manner as chair. Use fan brush to stipple greens using Black Green, Evergreen, Forest Green, and Limeade. Stipple flowers with Deep Burgundy and Hi-Lite Flesh on dark side and Snow White on light side. Dot white flower centers Antique Gold. Add Country Blue back lights.
  • Shadows
  • 1. Add large Burnt Umber shading under hat, chair, table, and basket; shade again to deepen, covering less area. Add Country Blue shading in darkest area.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Apply one coat varnish over painted surface.