Peep Peep Candle

By  Chris Haughey 

size: 8" tall

  • Peep Peep Candle


  • Cupboard Distributing: 4” Candle Holder (31-5521), 4” Battery Ball Candle (11-83396), Ruddy Red Cheek Chalk (29-078)
  • Easter grass, small amount


  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paints: Autumn Red, Burnt Orange, Canyon Orange, French Vanilla, Camel, Honey Brown, Lamp Black, Light Cinnamon, Lilac, Pansy Lavender, Pink Chiffon, Pistachio Mint, Poodleskirt Pink, Slate Grey, Soft Black, Warm White
  • Loew-Cornell Golden Taklon Brushes: Series 7300 #4 Shader; Series 7550 3/4” Wash; Series 7400 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8” Angular Shader; Series 7500 #6 Filbert; Series 7050 18/0 Script Liner; Series 7350 #0 Liner; Series 7000 #5 Round; Series 7120 1/2” Rake; Lg Berry Maker
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Spray Sealer/Finisher Matte, Multi-Purpose Sealer

Basic Supplies

  • double-ended stylus, transfer paper, pencil, tracing paper, painter’s tape, cotton tip swab

Pattern - Peep Peep Candle

  • 1. Apply painter's tape on silicone bulb on candle. Spray candle with spray sealer.
  • 2. Lightly sand candle base and wipe clean. Seal with multi-purpose sealer.
  • 3. Print out patterns. Transfer main pattern lines. Transfer details as needed.
  • 4. Egg: base top and bottom sections of candle Pink Chiffon. Shade edges bordering stripe with Poodleskirt Pink. Load Berry Maker with Pistachio Mint, press down and twist to create dots. Using 4 flat, paint wavy stripes Pistachio Mint. Base large middle section Lilac. Use angle brush to shade Pansy Lavender along top and bottom edges. To paint flowers, load 4 flat with Warm White. Beginning at tips, pull toward center to create petals. Paint flower centers by loading Berry Maker with Poodleskirt Pink, press down and twist. To paint leaves, load 4 flat with Pistachio Mint. Dip Warm White dots randomly in background around flowers.
  • 5. Chick: paint chick face and wings French Vanilla. To paint eyes, dip end of paintbrush handle in Soft Black, dot and pull to create ovals. When dry, shade Slate Grey along bottom and up right sides of eyes. Thin Lamp Black and paint eyelashes and eyebrows. Use stylus to dot Warm White highlights in top left and bottom right of each eye. Base beak Canyon Orange. Paint inside mouth Autumn Red. Shade along bottom of upper and lower beak with Burnt Orange. Thin Lamp Black and paint nostrils. Add beak highlight by pulling thin line of Warm White across the left bottom edge of top beak. Use script and thinned Honey Brown to paint wispy feathers on forehead. Add feathers with thinned Camel. Using cotton tip swab, blush Ruddy Red Cheek Chalk on cheeks. Add three dots of Warm White on each cheek. Highlight top and left of feathers on wings with Warm White. Shade right and bottom sides with Camel. On face, shade Honey Brown around wings and cracked edges. Shade right sides of cracks on shell as follows: Pansy Lavender on lilac area, thinned Soft Black on green area, Poodleskirt Pink on pink area. Outline cracked shell and cracks with Soft Black.
  • 6. Basket Candle Base: base candle holder Camel. To create basket weaves, thin Honey Brown and paint basket texture lines on slats using rake brush. Pull each slat from left side to center, then from right side to center. Using rake, thin French Vanilla and pull across center of each slat to add highlight. Highlight upright ribs French Vanilla on left sides and shade Honey Brown on right sides. Shade Light Cinnamon across bottom of each slat and down each side of upright ribs. Lightly float French Vanilla along top edge of each slat. Shade Light Cinnamon along bottom of top ridge and along top of candle holder along rib edge. Load 4 flat with Warm White and paint flower petals same as flowers on candle egg. Alternate flowers pink and lavender by floating wash of color on each by loading 4 flat with wash of Pink Chiffon and pull from tip of petal to center. Darken tips with Poodleskirt Pink. To paint lavender flowers, load flat with wash of Lilac; pull from outer edge of each petal to center. Darken tips with Pansy Lavender. Using stylus, dot centers with Camel. Use script liner to paint flower stems Pistachio Mint. Load 4 flat and paint leaves.
  • 7. To finish, spray candle base and candle with several coats of Matte Varnish. Let dry between each coat. Let dry completely. Remove painter's tape from silicone bulb on candle. Arrange Easter grass on candle base and add candle.