Italian Chip and Dip Set

By  Mary Jo Gross 

  • Italian Chip n Dip Set


  • DecoArt Americana Acrylics: Avocado, Bleached Sand, Charcoal Grey, Cool Neutral, Driftwood, Gingerbread, Honey Brown, Jade Green, Oxblood, Royal Purple, Snow (Titanium) White, Soft Black, Spicy Mustard
  • Loew-Cornell: La Corneille Golden Taklon: Wash/Glaze, Series 7550, 3/4", 1"; Shader, Series 7300, #4, #12; Script Liner, Series 7050, #18/0; Round, Series 7000, #2
  • JoSonja's Sure Touch: Oval Drybrush, Series 2010, #4, #6
  • Scoop plate (#31-325, 18") and Bowl (#36-400, 6") from Cabin Crafters


  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Sealer/Finisher, Matte
  • Rebecca Baer Stencils: Classic Curves (#ST-107); Scrollwork (#ST-101)
  • Clapham's Beeswax Salad Bowl Finish, 2 oz.
  • Compass
  • Optional: Loew-Cornell Maxines' Foamie, Series 271, 3/4"

Pattern - Italian Chip and Dip Set

  • Preparation
  • 1. Use mix of Sealer + Bleached Sand (1:1) to seal all sides of each surface. Lightly sand and wipe dust. Paint back of plate Jade Green.
  • 2. Measure 2" from center of plate; use compass to draw a 2"-wide circle. Measure and mark a 1/4"-wide band, a 2"-wide band, a 1/4"-wide band, a 2"-wide band, and a 3/4"-wide band; draw a final 1/4"-wide band at rim. For bowl, measure a 1"-wide band from top inside of bowl; for outside, measure 1/2" down from top and draw a 1/2"-wide band.
  • 3. Print out patterns.
  • Plate
  • 1. Base bands as follows: center circle, second 1/4"-wide band, and 3/4"-wide band Spicy Mustard; 2"-wide bands Bleached Sand; first 1/4"-wide band and outer rim Oxblood. (Note: Use foamie if desired.) Paint outer band Jade Green.
  • 2. Use Honey Brown to shade along edges of Spicy Mustard bands. Use Honey Brown and Scrollwork stencil to lightly stipple center design; use first border Classic Curves stencil for 3/4"-wide band. Use Oxblood to line stripes on 1/4"-wide Spicy Mustard band; use mix of Bleached Sand + Spicy Mustard (1:1) to dry brush highlight.
  • 3. Use #4 shader and Jade Green to paint checks on Oxblood band; shade Avocado along edges. Add Spicy Mustard dots on Oxblood checks. Add squiggly Oxblood outline along both edges of band.
  • 4. Use Cool Neutral to slip-slap 2"-wide Bleached Sand bands; shade Cool Neutral along both edges of each band. Deepen shading with very washy Charcoal Grey.
  • 5. Transfer basic pattern lines; flip pattern where indicated by dashed lines and repeat for other half of plate. (Transfer details as needed.) Base tomatoes Spicy Mustard; shade Gingerbread along sides and bottom allowing yellow to show at top. Deepen shading with Oxblood; repeat as needed for desired deepness. Use mix of Spicy Mustard + Bleached Sand (1:1) to dry brush highlight in top center area. Base leaves and stem Avocado; highlight Jade Green.
  • 6. Base garlic bulbs Driftwood; shade Charcoal Grey. Dry brush highlights first with Cool Neutral then Bleached Sand. Line roots with mix of Driftwood + tch. of Charcoal Grey. Glaze Royal Purple here and there on garlic bulbs and tomatoes.
  • 7. Base olive branches and leaves Avocado; highlight Jade Green. Glaze Royal Purple here and there on leaves.
  • 8. Base olives Soft Black; add Snow White highlight shine.
  • 9. Use Avocado to shade along edges of Jade Green band. Line wording Avocado. (Note: If desired, use English wording.) Use left end piece of Classic Curves stencil and Avocado to stencil beginning and ending of phrases; add three dots between phrases.
  • Bowl
  • 1. Base inside center circle Spicy Mustard. Use Honey Brown to shade and stencil (use bottom left side corner of Classic Curves). Add squiggly Oxblood outline along Spicy Mustard edge. Base top band Jade Green; shade Avocado. Paint olive branches, leaves, and olives in same manner as plate. Paint top rim Oxblood. (Note: Use foamie if desired.)
  • 2. Base outside band Bleached Sand; shade edges Cool Neutral; very lightly shade again with Charcoal Grey. Base checks Spicy Mustard; shade edges Honey Brown. Add Oxblood dots on Spicy Mustard checks. Base remaining areas of outside bowl Jade Green; shade Avocado along top edge. Add squiggly Oxblood outline along both edges of band.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Follow manufacturer's directions to apply Beeswax Salad Bowl Finish on surfaces. (Note: Beeswax Salad Bowl Finish is food safe: ingredients are Mineral Oil (u.s.p.), Beeswax, Micro- Crystalline Wax and Carnauba Wax. Can be used over painted projects to make them food safe.)