Ice Cream Cone Pincushion

By  Cheryl Ball  for  Duncan Enterprises

  • Ice Cream Cone Pincushion
  • Lid Off
  • Lid On


  • Oh Four Bisque items*: Provence Dessert Plate (#21767); Ice Cream Cone Box (#21777)
  • Concepts Underglazes for Bisque and Majolica*: Light Pink; Dark Pink; Light Brown; Bright Brown
  • Concepts Clear Dipping Glaze*
  • French Dimensions*: Taupe
  • Tulip Glam-It-Up! 300 Iron-On Crystals*: Clear; Multi-Color
  • Ivory fine-gauge sweater


  • Signature Brushes*: Liner, #1; Round, #6; Fan Glaze, #6
  • Small silk sponge
  • Sewing needle and ivory thread
  • Fiberfill stuffing
  • Toothpicks
  • Crayon
  • Cooling rack
  • Aleene's Liquid Fusion Clear Urethane Glue
  • *Products by Duncan Enterprises

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, newspaper (to cover work surface)
  • Note
  • 1. Let glaze dry between coats.
  • Ice Cream Cone
  • 1. Wipe bisque items with damp silk sponge to remove dust.
  • 2. Pour small amount of Light Pink inside lid; roll until inside is covered. Pour excess glaze into plastic tub. Place piece of foil under cooling rack and ware on rack letting remaining glaze drip out. Let dry.
  • 3. Use glaze brush to apply three coats of Light Pink to outside of lid.
  • 4. Use glaze brush to apply three coats of Light Brown to entire cone.
  • 5. Use liner to apply three coats of Bright Brown to upper and lower rim and lines on cone.
  • 6. For plate, use glaze brush to apply three coats of Dark Pink to back and edges of plate. Turn over and place plate on paper towel. Use round brush to apply three thick even coats of Dark Pink to rim of plate. Use #6 round to apply three thick even coats of Bright Brown to remaining plate areas.
  • 7. Warm tube of French Dimensions in hands squeezing bottle to mix paint. Start the flow of paint on a paper towel using an even pressure on the bottle for a smooth line. Touch tip of bottle to plate, then squeeze an even line just inside rim of plate.
  • 8. Use glaze brush to apply even coat of clear glaze. Let dry.
  • 9. Stilt and fire to shelf cone 6.
  • 10. Trace and cut 5-1/2" circle from sweater. Use needle to sew basting stitch around outside edge. Slightly gather, then stuff with fiberfill. Gather a little more and stuff as needed, making sure it will fit inside cone. Gather tightly; knot and trim threads.
  • 11. Squeeze puddle of Liquid Fusion onto foil. Working in small sections at a time, use toothpick to add small dot of glue around inner rim of plate. Press crayon on top of AB Crystal (from Crystal Carousel), then press into glue. Continue with remaining crystals around rim.
  • 12. Use fine-tip felt pen to print "NEEDLES, PINS, THREAD" around rim of cone. Working on one letter at a time, use toothpick to apply thin line of glue along lines. Press 3mm crystals in place. Adhere AB Crystal between each word. Let dry.
  • 13. Stuff lid 3/4" with fiberfill. Carefully apply a bead of Liquid Fusion around inside rim. Carefully insert sweater cushion in place and adjust fit as needed.