I Love Java Travel Mugs

By  Suzie Shinseki  for  iLoveToCreate/Duncan Enterprises Co.

  • I Love Java Travel Mugs


  • Duncan
  • Oh Four Bisque: Travel Mug 1
  • Concepts Underglazes for Bisque and Majolica: Black, Neon Red
  • Pure Brilliance Clear Glaze
  • Signature Brushes: No. 6 Round, No 6. Fan Glaze
  • Clear adhesive-backed contact paper

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler, sponge scrap, aluminum foil, newspaper (to cover work surface)

Pattern - I Love Java Travel Mugs

  • 1. Remove lid from mug. Use damp sponge to wipe inside and outside of mug.
  • 2. Print out pattern. To create stencil, cut out inside of pattern and around pattern design, leaving 1" border. Remove backing from stencil.
  • 3. For "I heart U" mug, position heart stencil on top area of mug. Paint heart Neon Red. Transfer "I (heart) U" onto mug. Paint design Black and heart Neon Red. Let dry. For "I (heart) JAVA" mug, pour paint color on aluminum foil. Press thumb into Light Jade and press on mug, creating heart shape. Transfer "I Heart Java" onto mug. Paint "I" and "JAVA" Light Heather. Let dry.
  • 4. Apply clear glaze over all areas of mug. Let dry.
  • 5. Stilt and fire to shelf cone 06.