Herbs Tin

By  Meggan Maravich 

  • Herbs Tin


  • Galvanized Window Box Planter (
  • Americana Acrylic Paints (DecoArt): Baby Blue; Calypso Blue; Santa Red; Marigold; Light Buttermilk; Hauser Light Green; Festive Green


  • Multi-Purpose Sealer (DecoArt)
  • Paintbrush handle (for dots)
  • Assorted paintbrushes
  • Black fine-tip permanent marker

Pattern - Herbs Tin

  • 1. Print out pattern. Apply sealer to front panel of window box. When dry, apply two coats of Baby Blue.
  • 2. Transfer pattern to front panel.
  • 3. Paint: seed packet Light Buttermilk with Calypso Blue trim; "herbs" Calypso Blue with Santa Red shading around each letter; price sticker Santa Red with Marigold trim; "5c" Light Buttermilk; herbs Light Hauser Green with Festive Green accents.
  • 4. Apply sealer.
  • 5. Outline details with marker.