Haunted House Canvas

By  Linda Morley 

size: 16"x20"

  • Haunted House Canvas


  • Canvas board, 16”x20”


  • Loew-Cornell La Corneille Golden Taklon Paintbrushes: Series 7550 Glaze/Wash 3/4”, 1-1/2”; Series 7300 Shader #0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12; Series 7050 Script Liner 10/0, #1; Series 7400 Angular Shader 1/8”, 1/4”; Series 7000C Round #2, 3, 6; Series 410 Deerfoot Stippler 1/2”; Round Scumbler 2014, #4, 8; Maxine’s Mop 270, 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”; Painting Knife 40
  • Double-ended stylus
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paints: Antique Teal, Antique White, Avocado, Blue Harbour, Blue Mist, Burnt Sienna, Buttermilk, Camel, Canyon Orange, Dark Chocolate, Dioxazine Purple, Fawn, Golden Straw, Graphite, Hauser Medium Green, Jade Green, Khaki Tan, Lamp Black, Light Buttermilk, Light Cinnamon, Milk Chocolate, Neutral Gray, Oxblood, Russet, Slate Grey, Snow White, Soft Black, Tangerine, White Wash, Winter Blue; Paintable Texture Stucco; Matte Spray Sealer
  • Kerry Trout Liquid Shadow
  • Shurtech FrogTape

Pattern - Haunted House Canvas

  • 1. Print out full-size pattern.
  • 2. Transfer snow line on canvas. Basecoat background Blue Harbor, beginning at top of canvas and working downward, using 1-1/2" wash. Pick up touch of water and Dioxazine Purple; basecoat from blue line downward. Pick up touch of water and Soft Black; basecoat to snow line. Retrace snow line. Basecoat snow Snow White using 1-1/2" wash.
  • 3. Transfer moon. Basecoat moon Buttermilk using #12 shader. Wet with water until glistening. Shade left side of moon Camel using 3/4" glaze/wash, working float toward center. Mop to clean water line. Let dry. Wet again; highlight right side of moon Light Buttermilk.
  • 4. Transfer house (except stones). Basecoat first, second, and third floor walls Oxblood using appropriate-sized shaders. Basecoat foundation Neutral Grey using #10 shader.
  • 5. Transfer remaining windows, shutters, front door, porch, and railings. Using numbered areas on pattern, paint as follows: Area 1 Blue Mist using #6 and #8 shaders; Area 2 (2:1:2) mixture of Antique Teal + Neutral Gray + Snow White; porch and scallop roof lines Area 2 mixture. Shade areas using #8 shader; highlight each section White Wash using #8 shader. Shade Graphite where shown using appropriate-size shader. Highlight Blue Mist using #8 shader.
  • 6. Basecoat Area 3 Antique Teal using #0 shader. Highlight bottom of two sections at top window Blue Mist using #2 shader. Paint scallops from Step 5 using 10/0 liner. Paint circle Blue Mist using #0 shader. Shade Antique Teal and highlight Light Buttermilk using #2 shader.
  • 7. Shade house Russet using #8 and #10 shaders. Paint upper window peak and decorative square Antique White using #0 shader. Paint shutters Antique White using #2 shader for upper window and #4 and #6 shaders for other shutters. Paint porch railing and front door trim Antique White using #1 liner. Paint dark windows Lamp Black and light windows Golden Straw. Once dry, wash Burnt Sienna to create glow in lighter windows. (Note: To wash, add thin layer of water to canvas and paint.) Mop excess. Paint silhouette Lamp Black; wash Neutral Grey and mop. Paint window trim Antique White using #1 liner. Paint two larger first floor windows Lamp Black. Shade shutters, third floor window peak, and decorative square trim Light Cinnamon; highlight Light Buttermilk. Add details above windows Antique White using #1 liner and porch roof lines Graphite using 10/0 liner. Transfer front steps and stones. Shade Graphite and highlight Slate Grey.
  • 8. Transfer cloud. Float cloud shape Snow White using 3/4" wash; let dry. Stipple cloud Snow White using deerfoot. Stipple cloud Slate Grey using dirty brush. Float cloud Snow White using 3/4" wash.
  • 9. Transfer bare trees, pine tree trunks and branches, crown, upper level ghost, and bats. Repaint snow Snow White using 1-1/2" wash. Float Slate Grey to divide snow bank using 3/4" wash. Basecoat bare trees Dark Chocolate; shade Soft Black and highlight Light Cinnamon using appropriate-size wash. Basecoat pine tree trunks and branches Dark Chocolate using #3 round for trunk and #1 liner for branches. Holding 1/4" angular shader on side, load with Hauser Medium Green. Dip brush end into Snow White; paint branches on small pine, from outwards/inwards keeping more white on left side of tree, while pouncing brush. Repeat for large pine using 3/8" angular shader.
  • 10. Basecoat crow and bats Lamp Black using #2 shader and #1 liner. Highlight crow's belly and wings Slate Grey. Wet upper area of ghost with water; paint White Wash. Mop excess. Add Graphite eyes and mouth using stylus.
  • 11. Transfer gravestones. Apply stucco to gravestones with knife; smooth with finger. Draw cross and "x" in stones using stylus; let dry. Basecoat stones (4:1) mixture of Khaki Tan + Slate Grey using shaders. Drybrush stones Snow White using #8 scumbler. Dab top of stones Snow White using #4 shader. Shade under stones Slate Grey. Mop excess.
  • 12. Transfer snowman. Apply stucco to snowman as in Step 11; let dry. Basecoat snowman Snow White using #6 shader. Paint hat Lamp Black and arms Soft Black using #1 liner; highlight both Snow White using 10/0 liner. Paint broom Dark Chocolate and broom head Khaki Tan using #1 liner; highlight broom head Camel and Soft Black. Line nose Canyon Orange using 10/0 liner, highlighting bottom Oxblood and top Tangerine. Dot eyes and buttons Lamp Black using stylus. Shade body Winter Blue using #4 shader; deepen Slate Grey. Shade ground below Slate Grey; mop excess.
  • 13. Wet areas around gravestones, snowman, trees, pumpkins, and outside fence with water; apply Liquid Shadow. Immediately soften edges and smooth using mop.
  • 14. Transfer walkway, small ghost by gravestone, iron fence, hedge line, and pumpkins. Float small ghost (1:1) mixture of Slate Grey and Snow White; line each side of arms Slate Grey using #0 liner. Stipple walkway bushes Avocado using #4 scumbler; stipple again Jade Green using dirty brush. Liightly stipple Snow White using clean brush. Paint fence Lamp Black using #2 round; highlight Slate Grey using #4 shader and dab Snow White snow using #2 round. Pounce in hedge by fence using same method as bushes. Paint top Snow White using #6 round; reapply shadows as needed on hedge.
  • 15. Basecoat pumpkins Canyon Orange using #1 and 10/0 liners. Shade large pumpkins Oxblood; drybrush highlights on edges and center bumps Tangerine using #4 scumbler. Shade small pumpkins Oxblood and behind small pumpkins Slate Grey. Paint pumpkin stems Milk Chocolate using 10/0 liner; highlight larger stems Fawn. Line all stems Soft Black using 10/0 liner. Apply shadows on pumpkins, walkway, and area outside yard.
  • 16. Paint snow on pumpkin tops, rooftops, and tree branches Snow White using #3 round. Add snow to thinner branches using 10/0 liner. Repeat with second coat to deepen.
  • 17. Spray with sealer. Frame as desired.
  • Tip
  • 1. Use painting tape on straight edges whenever possible to get a clean line. Before shading and highlighting large areas, use clean brush to wet area with water until it glistens. This allows more time when floating paint.