Halloween Warning Sign

By  Linda Hollander 

size: 18"x12"

  • Halloween Warning Sign
  • Painting Steps


  • Luan plywood, with grain running vertically, 18”x12”
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paints: Citron Green, Festive Green, Grape Juice, Graphite, Grey Sky, Hauser Light Green, Lamp Black, Pumpkin, Red Violet, Slate Grey, Titanium (Snow) White, Soft Black


  • Royal & Langnickel: Aqualon Brushes: Series 2160 Angular 1/4”, 3/8”; Series 2250 Round #2, 10; Series 2595 Liner 10/0; Series 2585 Script Liner #10/0; Series 2150 Shader #8; Majestic Series R4595 Liner #20/0; Series 900 Mop 1/2”; Large Area White Bristle 1” (or chip brush)
  • DecoArt: Glow in the Dark Medium, Americana Multi-Purpose Sealer
  • Super Chacopaper: Blue (or transfer paper)

Basic Supplies

  • stylus, sandpaper

Pattern - Halloween Warning Sign

  • 1. Do not seal board. Use wrong or rough side of board for design. Sand rough edges to avoid splinters. Base board Soft Black. Print out patterns. Transfer outlines only of eyes and boards.
  • 2. Follow worksheet to paint eyes. Use Snow White to underpaint eyes until opaque. Use Citron Green to base eyes. Use 3/8" angular shader and Hauser Light Green to float first shading. Float Festive Green to deepen shading. Apply pattern details. Use 10/0 liner brush and Snow White to paint brows. Use 20/0 liner and Red Violet to paint tiny blood vessels. Use Lamp Black to base pupils. Use sheer Graphite to float shading under brows. Use liner brush and Snow White to paint reflected highlights in pupils. Use 1/4" angular shader and sheer Snow White to float back-to-back highlight down center of each eye. Mop to soften. Repeat highlight.
  • 3. Follow worksheet to paint boards. Use #10 round and Pumpkin, Hauser Light Green, and Grape Juice to underpaint swatches of color on boards. Stroke colors one at a time horizontally, cleaning and drying brush between colors. Allow some of basecoat to show through.
  • 4. Load dry 1" White Bristle with moderate amount of Slate Grey and off-load tips slightly on paper towel. Drybrush boards horizontally to reveal vertical woodgrain. Allow under-painted colors and background basecoat color to show through. Use #8 shader and Slate Grey to paint solid edges of boards. Use #2 round and Graphite + touch of Slate Grey brush mixed to paint top edges of boards to add dimension. Use Graphite to base nails.
  • 5. Use 10/0 liner brush and Graphite to paint woodgrain, knots, and cracks in boards using pattern as guide. Use 3/8" angular shader and sheer Grey Sky to add highlights on boards. Use 1/4" angular shader and touch of Pumpkin to float rust on top of nails. Use sheer floats of Snow White to enhance highlights on boards. Use touch of Grey Sky to float highlights on nails. Use sheer Lamp Black to float dark area on boards around nails. Use chisel edge of brush to pull floats out.
  • 6. Use 3/8" angular shader and Graphite to float shading between boards. Use floats of sheer Lamp Black to deepen shading.
  • 7. Transfer lettering. Use #1 round and Snow White to paint letters. Let dry. Use script liner and Graphite to paint shadows. Use Citron Green to paint over part of white area of lettering. Use 10/0 liner and Grey Sky to paint webs. Use touch of Snow White to drybrush highlights on center of web sections.
  • 8. To finish, spray board with several light coats of sealer. Apply two coats of Glow in the Dark Medium to letters and eyes.