Halloween Eve Jar Wrap

By  Vera Collier 

Paint this spooktacular Halloween scene on unmounted canvas to create this whimsical jar wrap. Fill the jar with a tasty treat as a frightfully delicious Halloween gift.

  • Halloween Eve Jar Wrap
  • Laid Out Flat


  • Fredrix Unmounted Canvas, one 12”x16” sheet
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paints: Avocado Dip, Bittersweet Chocolate, Bleached Sand, Burnt Orange, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Evergreen, Khaki Tan, Lamp Black, Mustard Seed, Neutral Gray, Titanium White
  • Canning jar (with lid and ring), 1 quart
  • Shipping tag, 1-1/2”x2-1/2”
  • Black self-adhesive dots, three 1/2”
  • Orange plaid homespun fabric, scrap
  • Rusty wire, 22-gauge: 16” length


  • Loew-Cornell Paintbrushes: Series 7550 Wash 3/4”, Series 7400 Angular Shader 1/2”, Crescent Series 247-1/2”, Series 7050 Script 10/0, Series 7300 Shader #4, #10, Series 7500 Filberts #2, #6, Maxine’s Magic Mop 270 1/2”
  • Ranger Tim Holtz Distressing Ink
  • DecoArt Duraclear Matte Varnish

Basic Supplies

  • water basin, palette paper, tracing paper, white and black graphite paper, stylus, 12” ruler, pencil, fine-tip black permanent pen, wire cutters, masking tape

Pattern - Halloween Eve Jar Wrap

  • Size
  • 1. Jar wrap is 13-1/2" long x 4" high.
  • Prepare Surface
  • 1. Cut 4"x13-1/2" strip from canvas sheet. Basecoat both sides Khaki Tan. (Note: One side of canvas is smoother than the other; the smooth side will be design side.) Measure 1/4" along both long edges and tape off. Base edges Light Buttermilk. When dry, use #4 shader to paint Lamp Black checks on border. Shade to right of each Light Buttermilk check with float of Burnt Umber. Remove masking tape.
  • 2. Note: When painting design, use best-sized brush for area painting. For sideload shading, if area is large, first dampen surface with water, then use mop brush to soften float.
  • Jar Wrap
  • 1. Print out patterns. Trace main pattern lines onto canvas for pumpkins, tree, and tombstone.
  • 2. Basecoat pumpkins Burnt Orange, stems Burnt Umber, witch hat on pumpkin Lamp Black, hat band Avocado Green, and tree Burnt Umber. Use #2 round for trunk and thicker branches, then switch to 10/0 liner for thinner branches. (Note: It's easier to paint tree by turning project upside down and pulling thin lines for branches towards self.) Basecoat front of tombstone Bleached Sand and side edge Neutral Gray. Let dry. Transfer pattern details.
  • 3. Shade pumpkins with sideloaded float of Burnt Sienna. Shade stems Lamp Black. Using 1/2" crescent brush, drybrush highlight Mustard Seed on center of each segment. Paint face details Lamp Black, eyes Titanium White, and noses Lamp Black. Paint center and far right pumpkins' mouths Lamp Black and left pumpkin mouth Titanium White. Paint area between teeth Lamp Black. Add Titanium White highlights to eyes and noses on left and right pumpkins. On center pumpkin, add Mustard Seed lines using 10/0 liner to right of each eye, nose, mouth, and tooth. Add two small Titanium White dots to inside of center pumpkin's mouth using large end of stylus. When dry, add Lamp Black dot to center of each white "eyeball" using small end of stylus.
  • 4. Add Burnt Sienna and Evergreen stripes to hatband using 10/0 liner. Shade each side of hatband with sideload float of Evergreen. Highlight top edge of hat, along left side, and along front brim with sideload of Neutral Gray. When dry, go back over highlight with narrower highlight float of Titanium White.
  • 5. Shade left of each letter on tombstone Neutral Gray. Outline letters with thinned Neutral Gray, then brush mix small amount of Lamp Black into Neutral Gray; outline on left edges of letters. Shade where pumpkin overlaps with sideload float of Neutral Gray. Dry brush Burnt Umber and Neutral Gray over front of tombstone. Shade side edge against front of tombstone with sideload float of Lamp Black. Paint cracks Neutral Gray and shade and outline Lamp Black.
  • 6. Use Burnt Umber and 10/0 liner to paint vines on front of tombstone. Double load #2 filbert with Burnt Sienna and Evergreen and add small one stroke leaves over vine.
  • 7. Use Lamp Black and liner to paint spiderweb.
  • 8. Double load #6 filbert with Evergreen and Avocado Dip and add one stroke leaves around stems on left and center pumpkins.
  • 9. Float Titanium White with stronger color to outside to paint ghost. Add Lamp Black eyes and mouth. Shade tree to right and bottom of larger branches with Lamp Black.
  • 10. Drybrush Burnt Umber and Evergreen underneath pumpkins, tree, and tombstone using crescent brush.
  • 11. Stroke grass Evergreen and Avocado Dip using liner. Referring to photo, add detail lines with thinned Lamp Black and liner. Trace lettering and retrace lettering with fine-point black pen.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Trace and cut out pumpkin tie-on and paint pumpkin following instructions from above for pumpkins.
  • 2. Allow paint to cure. Varnish all pieces with several coats of multi-purpose sealer.
  • 3. Wrap canvas around jar. Apply adhesive-back dots along both ends.
  • 4. Punch hole on top of pumpkin. Use distressing ink and crescent brush to antique edges of shipping tag. Add doodled borders and words "Halloween Eve." Write trail mix recipe on back of tag.
  • 5. Cut circle from plaid fabric, slightly larger than jar lid. Wrap rusty wire around lid; twist ends together and add pumpkin tag on wire end. Curl wire ends.
  • 6. Fill jar with Halloween Trail Mix. Screw lid on jar and wrap canvas around jar.