Funkin Pumpkins

By  Roxi Phillips  for  Krylon

sizes: 8"x10"

  • Funkin Pumpkins


  • Frames, 8”x10”, two
  • Halloween-themed print paper, 12”x12”, two
  • Plastic-foam pumpkin, 8”
  • Ribbon, 1/4”-wide, 12” length
  • Paper tag shapes, two


  • Krylon Fusion For Plastic: Pumpkin, Plum, Ivy, Black
  • Clearsnap Colorbox Olive Pastel Chalk Ink Pad
  • Adhesives: hot glue gun and sticks; tacky glue

Basic Supplies

  • serrated craft knife, masking tape, scissors, sandpaper, black marker
  • 1. Remove glass from frames. Lightly sand surface of frames. Mask off area of frame to be painted orange, as shown in photo.
  • 2. In well-ventilated area, spray frames Black following manufacturer's instructions. Let dry completely. Mask off black area on frame and spray inside edge Pumpkin. Let dry.
  • 3. Cut Halloween-themed paper to fit frames; adhere onto frame inserts and reinsert into frames.
  • 4. Using craft knife, carefully cut plastic-foam pumpkin in half vertically from stem to base.
  • 5. Spray pumpkin halves Pumpkin; let dry completely. Cut strips from masking tape and apply onto areas of pumpkin to remain orange. Spray pumpkins Plum or Ivy; let dry completely. (Note: Do not remove masking tape strips.) Cut additional strips or dots from masking tape; apply onto pumpkins on areas to remain purple or green. Spray pumpkins either Plum or Ivy (depending on which color used in previous step). Let dry completely. Remove masking tape strips and dots.
  • 6. Use black marker to outline painted strips and dots.
  • 7. Cut "v" cut on one end of each paper tag. Ink edges of tags Olive Pastel. Use black marker to write "Eek!" or "Boo!" onto tags. Insert ribbon through hole on tag; adhere ribbon ends around pumpkin stems.
  • 8. Hot glue pumpkin halves onto center of each frame. Hang to display.
  • Tip
  • 1. When using spray paint, place pumpkin half inside large cardboard box. The cardboard box will help safeguard your work surface from excess paint during application.