Faux Stained Glass Hanging

By  Margaret Riley 

Repurpose an old frame into two useful home décor items - a hanging piece or a serving tray! This is also a great gift idea, as the design and colors can be altered to reflect the recipient's personal style.

  • Faux Stained Glass Hanging
  • Picture Before


  • Recycled/used picture frame with glass
  • Flat glass pieces: blue, green, white
  • Eye screws, two
  • Decorative chain
  • Cabinet handles, two


  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint: Ocean Blue, White Wash, Yellow Green
  • Loew-Cornell LaCorneille Golden Taklon paintbrush, Flat Shader, #12
  • DecoArt Gloss Varnish
  • Aleene’s Liquid Fusion

Basic Supplies

  • foam paintbrush, tracing paper and pencil, clear tape, rubbing alcohol, black marker

Project Instructions

Pattern - Faux Stained Glass Hanging

  • 1. Remove glass and print from frame. Discard print. Clean glass with rubbing alcohol.
  • 2. Print out patterns. Trace pattern and tape underneath glass.
  • 3. Using marker, mark 1/2" to 5/8" from each edge of glass. (Note: Keeping this area clear from colored glass will help you when putting frame glass back into frame.)
  • 4. Lay out pieces of colored glass to fit into areas on pattern. Leave small spaces between glass pieces. Designer used green on center of heart, white on outer edge of heart, and blue in remaining areas. When satisfied with design, adhere colored glass pieces on frame glass.
  • 5. Using foam brush, paint frame White Wash. Let dry. Using flat shader, paint inner border Yellow Green and outer border Ocean Blue. Let dry. Apply varnish.
  • 6. Attach eye screws and chain to top of frame to hang. Attach cabinet handles on each side of frame for serving tray. Reinsert glass inside wooden frame to display.
Tips and precautions to keep in mind when making Glass art