Fall Crock

By  Sue Beckerton 

size: 15" tall

  • Fall Crock


  • White ceramic crock, 15” tall
  • DecoArt Palette Traditions: Blue Grey, Carbon Black, English Red Oxide, Hansa Yellow, Medium Beige, Medium Grey, Napthol Red, Warm White, Yellow Deep, Yellow Oxide


  • Dynasty Black Gold Brushes: Series 206S Shaders #10, 14; Series 206R Round #1; Series 206FNT Fountain #8; Series 206RK Tooth 1/4; Series 206WV Wave #12; Series 206WO Oval Wash 1/2”, 3/4”; Series 3000B Mongolian Bright #6, 8, 10; X-long Micron Detail #15/0; Micron Fan Blender 3/0; Decorator 400 Mini Mop 1/2”
  • DecoArt: Traditions Multi-Surface Sealer, Triple Thick Varnish

Basic Supplies

  • sandpaper, tack cloth, palette knife, rubbing alcohol, graphite, pencil, tracing paper, paper towel, paint palette

Pattern - Fall Crock

  • Note
  • 1. Seal with glazing medium as you work and after completing each step. The seal protects paint from lifting. Drybrush using Mongolian bright and wiping most paint off on dry paper towel. Use #10, 14 or 3/4" flat with touch of glazing medium for floats. Soften floats by gently pouncing mop brush over water's edge until almost dried. Line work is done using 10/0 or 20/0 and thin paint to ink consistency while fully loading liner. Rake with fully-loaded toothbrush using thinned paint; flick tips of bristles on hard surface to remove immediate buildup of paint and to open bristles. Spatter with loaded fan brush and using thinned paint by holding brush about 8" away and tilting downwards toward surface; tap handle using palette knife to speck.
  • Prepare Surface
  • 1. Wash crock with rubbing alcohol; let dry. Apply one coat of multi-purpose sealer to area being painted. Let cure overnight.
  • 2. Print out pattern. Lightly transfer basic outlines.
  • Crock Design
  • 1. Slip slap sky in horizontal manner with 1:1 mixture of Warm White + Blue Grey using 1/2" oval wash. Keep color darkest along bottom. Transfer tree line.
  • 2. Lightly dampen distant tree area with clean water. While still wet, tap in trees with brush mix of Blue Grey + Warm White + Old Green using #8 fountain brush. (Note: To create Old Green, mix 6:1 mixture of Yellow Deep + Carbon Black.)
  • 3. Tap in base foliage on far left tree Old Green using fountain brush. Pick up touch of Napthol Red or Hansa Yellow on edge of brush and tap in foliage. Transfer barn details.
  • 4. Basecoat barn roof English Red Oxide, overhang Carbon Black, and barn walls Medium Grey. Rake walls with brush mix of Med Grey + Carbon Black pulling from top downwards and from bottom upwards, leaving center section open for highlights. Darken with second coat, adding touch of Carbon Black. Fill in door opening with Carbon Black. Drybrush spots of Carbon Black, English Red Oxide, and touch of Blue Grey. Highlight with brush mix of Med Grey + Warm White. Paint posts and trusses (small ends along right side of roof) Medium Grey. Add light details with touch of Carbon Black. Drybrush roof with brush mix of Red Iron Oxide + Old Green mix using Mongolian brush. Drybrush soft highlights on roof Medium Grey.
  • 5. Basecoat road Medium Beige. Double load #14 shader with mix of Burnt Umber + Medium Beige; drag brush along sides of road from edges to center, holding brush horizontally. Darken edges by raking horizontal markings with brush mix of Burnt Umber + Carbon Black. Drybrush highlight on center with brush mix of Medium Beige + Warm White. Spatter with Burnt Umber + Carbon Black.
  • 6. Tap in grass Yellow Oxide using #12 flat wave. Over tap grassy areas with Raw Sienna. Highlight grass with brush mix of Raw Sienna + Warm White + touch of Hansa Yellow. Shade grass with brush mix of Raw Sienna + English Red Oxide + Burnt Umber. Use same brush for all details. Pull in grass blades along road using same colors.
  • 7. Basecoat largest tree trunk to right Burnt Umber. Drybrush left side Carbon Black. Drybrush soft tints Blue Grey. Highlight left side with touch of Medium Beige. Tap in foliage using same colors.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Let paint cure overnight. Apply two coats triple thick varnish. Let dry.