Edgar Degas Painting

By  Judi Kauffman  for  Sakura of America

size: varies

  • Edgar Degas Painting
  • Expressionist
  • Closeup of Oil Pastels


  • Sakura of America Cray-Pas Expressionists Oil Pastels
  • Sakura of America Micron Black Pen
  • Textured drawing paper
  • Note
  • 1. French artist Edgar Degas' paintings and drawings hang in museums and are admired by art lovers around the world, but he was once considered a radical. He and other artists called Impressionists used paint and pastels in different ways. Degas built colors with layers of lines and strokes, creating vivid images of informal scenes and people. Create your own Edgar Degas' Painting by building colors using strokes of various shades to achieve multi-layered works of art!
  • Degas
  • 1. To start, build colors by creating sample swatches. Make notes on what colors you used in what order for help in creating your painting.w
  • 2. Decide on an object or symbol to draw. Use pencil to draw outline of simple shape on textured drawing paper.
  • 3. Use oil pastels to add color to your drawing. Build upon colors, referring to notes on your sample swatches.
  • 4. Keep experimenting and layering colors until desired color is achieved. (Note: No need for an outline. The contrasts used when coloring will help create the form or shape.)