Cupcakes Take The Stand

By  Darlene Scott 

  • Cupcakes Take The Stand
  • Waves & Swirl Cupcake Stand
  • Top of Cupcake Stand
  • Painting Chart
  • Vanilla Cupcakes & Frosting


  • Plaid FolkArt: Acrylics: Baby Pink, Buttercream, Eggplant, Grass Green, Fresh Foliage, Lavender, Licorice, Light Lavender, Lemon Custard, Magenta, Tangerine; Artist's Pigment: Pure Orange, Titanium White
  • Brushes: Royal & Langnickel: Aqualon: Round, Series 2250, #1, #2, #3, #5; Angular, Series R2160, 3/8"; Shader, Series R2150, #2, #4, #10, #12; Liner, Series R2595, #10/0; Script Liner, Series R2585, #0
  • Plaid FolkArt: Gesso; Acrylic Lacquer Finish, Matte; Glazing Medium
  • Clapham's Beeswax Salad Bowl Finish
  • 3-Tiered Cupcake/Cookie Stand (#SSC60012); Cupcake Knob (#SSC60014); Balloons Knob (#SSC60013); Teapot Knob (#SSC60015) from Craine's Cutout & Crafts
  • Decorative Art Brushes: Deerfoot Stippler, Series 393, 1/4"


  • Royal & Langnickel Synthetic Sponge (#2005) or cellulose sponge
  • Black Micron Pen, .01

Pattern - Cupcakes Take The Stand

  • Preparation
  • 1. Use sponge and gesso to prime all sides of each wood surface except underside of stand. Use sponge and Buttercream to stipple top and bottom of small and medium tiers, top of large tier, and pole pieces. Base sides of tiers and tops of handles Titanium White.
  • 2. Print out patterns; transfer basic pattern lines. (Transfer details as needed.)
  • Top Tier - Candles
  • 1. Note: All candles are painted in same manner.

    Painting Chart
  • 2. Purple Candles: Refer to painting chart. Base main portion of purple candles with mix of Lt. Lavender + Lavender (3:1). Use mix of Lt. Lavender + Titanium White (1:1) to base top of candle (Fig. 1). Use Lavender to shade left side of candle and top of candle (Fig. 2). Use mix of Titanium White + Lt. Lavender (1:1) to dry brush highlight down center (Fig. 3). Use mix of Lt. Lavender + Lavender (1:1) to stroke a drip at center top of candle (Fig. 4).
  • 3. Orange Candles: Base main portion Tangerine; use mix of Tangerine + Buttercream (1:1) to base top. Float Pure Orange shading. Use mix of Titanium White + Tangerine (1:1) to dry brush center highlight. Add Tangerine drip.
  • 4. Pink Candles: Base main portion Baby Pink; use mix of Baby Pink + Titanium White (1:1) to base top. Float Magenta shading. Use mix of Titanium White + Baby Pink (1:1) to dry brush center highlight. Add Baby Pink drip.
  • 5. Green Candles: Base main portion Fresh Foliage; use mix of Fresh Foliage + Buttercream (1:1) to base top. Float Grass Green shading. Use mix of Titanium White + Fresh Foliage to dry brush center highlight. Add Fresh Foliage drip.
  • 6. All Candles: Dry brush Titanium White highlight down center to brighten; highlight each drip (Figs. 3-4). Use sheer Titanium White to highlight upper front edge of top of each candle (Fig. 3). Use Titanium White to stroke long comma strokes across purple and green candles (Fig. 4); add cluster dots to orange and pink candles.
  • 7. Base flames Lemon Custard; shade Pure Orange. Use pen to outline flames and draw wicks.
  • Top Tier - Waves
  • 1. Use script liner to paint wavy lines. Use Tangerine for first, fourth, and seventh lines. Use Lavender for second and sixth lines. And use Fresh Foliage for third and fifth lines. Use #5 round and Titanium White to add dots on wavy lines; use Baby Pink to add dots between wavy lines.
  • Middle Tier - Balloons
  • 1. Pink Balloons: Base Baby Pink; shade Magenta and highlight with mix of Baby Pink + Titanium White (1:1).
  • 2. Green Balloons: Base Fresh Foliage; shade Grass Green and highlight with mix of Fresh Foliage + Titanium White (1:1).
  • 3. Purple Balloons: Base with mix of Lt. Lavender + Lavender (3:1); shade Eggplant and highlight Lt. Lavender.
  • 4. Orange Balloons: Base Tangerine; shade Pure Orange and highlight with mix of Tangerine + Titanium White (1:1).
  • 5. All Balloons: Dry brush additional Titanium White highlights. Add thinned Titanium White reflection highlights. Use pen to draw strings.
  • Middle Tier - Swirls
  • 1. Use #3 round to paint thickest part of swirl; immediately switch to script liner to finish thin parts. Use mix of paint color + Glazing Medium (1:1) to paint swirls in following colors: Lt. Lavender; Tangerine; Fresh Foliage; Baby Pink. Add Titanium White dots on swirls.
  • Bottom Tier
  • 1. Use painter's tape to tape off purple stripe edges; use #12 shader and mix of Lt. Lavender + Glazing Medium (1:1) to paint stripes. While wet, remove tape. (Note: Use chisel edge of clean damp shader to remove any paint seepage; stubborn dried paint may be removed with a touch of hand sanitizer.) Allow paint to dry several hours or overnight before taping off green stripes. Repeat striping process using Fresh Foliage + Glazing Medium (1:1).
  • 2. Use script liner and slightly thinned Baby Pink to add pinstripes to right of green stripes and use slightly thinned Tangerine to paint purple stripes. Use #5 round to add Titanium White dots on intersecting pink and orange pinstripes. Use #2 round to paint "Celebrate" with Tangerine, Baby Pink, Lavender, and Fresh Foliage.
  • Tier and Handle Edges
  • 1. Use #10 shader and mix of Licorice + Glazing Medium (1:3) to paint checks on tier edges, spacing evenly apart, and checks on handles.
  • Teapot Handle
  • 1. Use Buttercream to base teapot and rest of handle. Use Lemon Custard to paint cut edges and to shade along edges of teapot. (Note: Paint front and back of teapot in same manner.) Use #1 round and mix of Fresh Foliage + Glazing Medium (1:1) to paint vertical stripes. Use mix of Lt. Lavender + Glazing Medium (1:1) to paint horizontal stripes. Use script liner and thinned Tangerine to add pinstripes. Use Lt. Lavender to paint lid knob. Use stylus and Baby Pink to add tricluster dots on lid.
  • Balloon Handle
  • 1. Base remaining portion of handle Buttercream. Follow Balloon Tier to paint balloons. (Note: Be sure to paint cut edge of balloon area.)
  • Cupcake Handle
  • 1. Base wrapper Fresh Foliage; use #1 round to dry brush Grass Green shadows and use mix of Fresh Foliage + Titanium White (1:1) to dry brush highlights. Use Buttercream to base frosting and remaining portion of handle. Shade frosting Lemon Custard. Add Baby Pink "sprinkle" dots to frosting.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Apply several lacquer finish coats to handles and poles. Follow manufacturer's directions to apply Beeswax Salad Bowl Finish on tiers. Repeat if desired.
  • Assembly Instructions
  • 1. Insert Machine Screw into bottom of 14" shelf. Screw on first dowel until snug; do NOT over tighten. Align Lazy Susan with pre-drilled holes at bottom of 14" shelf. Insert washer between screw and Lazy Susan, attach to bottom of 14" shelf. Do NOT over tighten. Place 12" shelf over bolt of dowel attached to 14" shelf. Screw on second dowel; do NOT over tighten. Place 10" shelf over bolt of dowel attached to 12" shelf. Screw on knob; do NOT over tighten. (Warning: It is NOT recommended to carry stand by loop of knob when loaded with food products.)
  • Tip
  • 1. Whatever the occasion, whether birthday, baby or wedding shower, holiday party or any type of gathering, specialty cupcakes are the new hot dessert craze. But if cupcakes are not your thing, this stand can easily be used to display holiday cookies, delectable chocolates, tasty appetizers and so much more.