Clay Pot Birdbath

By  Annie Lang 

Splish! Splash! Add character to your garden with this fun and whimsical critter birdbath.

  • Clay Pot Birdbath


  • Clay pots, one each diameter: 4-1/2”, 6”, 8-1/2”, 12-1/2”
  • Quick Tip: If planning to stack pots, check fit while purchasing
  • DecoArt* Patio Paints Indoor/outdoor: Cloud White, Wrought Iron Black, Sprout Green, Pine Green, Fern Green, Tiger Lily Orange, Blue Bell, Geranium Red, Sunflower Yellow, Sunshine Yellow


  • Robert Simmons Expression paintbrushes: flat shader, Series E60, #4, #8, #20; pointed round, Series E85, #2, #5, #10; liner, Series E51, #1, 2/0
  • Compressed sponge

Pattern - Clay Pot Birdbath

  • 1. Wipe pots with damp cloth to remove dust. Basecoat sides and bottoms of pots Blue Bell; do not paint rims.
  • 2. Print and cut out patterns. Cut leaves from compressed sponge and expand in water; set aside. With pot rims down, transfer remaining patterns to center of corresponding pots.
  • Caterpillar
  • 1. For mini pot, basecoat body Sunflower Yellow, bow tie Sprout Green, nose Geranium Red, and arms Wrought Iron Black.
  • 2. Dry brush cheeks Geranium Red. Use #1 liner to paint Sunshine Yellow "fur lines" around head and body. Use 2/0 liner to paint eyes and smile Wrought Iron Black and to add Cloud White highlight lines to bow and two dots to each cheek. Use 2/0 liner to outline and add details with Wrought Iron Black.
  • 3. Add dots around body with Cloud White.
  • Butterfly
  • 1. For small pot, basecoat body Wrought Iron Black, wings Tiger Lily Orange, and bow tie Sunshine Yellow.
  • 2. Use 2/0 liner to paint eyes and smile Cloud White. Use #1 liner to outline wings and bow tie and add movement lines with Wrought Iron Black. Use 2/0 liner to add Cloud White highlight lines around wings and body and to add tiny highlight dot to each antennae tip.
  • 3. Add dots around body with Cloud White.
  • Bee
  • 1. For medium pot, basecoat bow tie Geranium Red, every other body stripe (beginning just below bow tie) Wrought Iron Black, and remaining stripes and face (including tongue) Sunshine Yellow. Float Cloud White around inside edges of wings for transparent look.
  • 2. Paint head, arms, feet, and antennae Wrought Iron Black. Paint nose Geranium Red and inner mouth Wrought Iron Black. Dry brush cheeks Geranium Red.
  • 3. Paint leaves and flower stem Sprout Green, flower center Sunflower Yellow, and petals Cloud White.
  • 4. Use #1 liner and Wrought Iron Black to outline, dot eyes, paint smile, and add movement lines. Use 2/0 liner to add Cloud White highlight line down center of tummy stripes and to bow folds and center knot, to dot cheeks, and to highlight fingers, feet, and arms.
  • 5. Dot background Cloud White in same way as before.
  • Frog
  • 1. For large pot, basecoat body, tongue, and eyelids Leaf Green, eyes Cloud White, inner mouth Wrought Iron Black, and tummy area Sunflower Yellow.
  • 2. To shade body, double load #20 flat brush with Leaf Green and Sprout Green; apply color around body outline and onto center bottom of extended foot.
  • 3. Paint flower in same way as bee pot; use #1 liner to add Cloud White highlight to flower center.
  • 4. Use #1 liner and Wrought Iron Black to paint pupils and to outline and add detail lines.
  • 5. Dot background Cloud White in same way as before.
  • Finishing
  • 1. For pot rims, use appropriate size leaf sponge to sponge Sprout Green border around pots as shown. Use #1 liner and Pine Green to loosely outline each leaf and to pull vein line down center of each leaf, connecting it with leaf that follows. Dot Cloud White accent flowers between leaves.
  • Other Options
  • 1. Paint an upright pot for a favorite plant.
  • 2. Turn pots into a fun fountain with an inexpensive, purchased pump.
  • 3. Stack two pots base to base to create a cute planter.
  • 4. Use leaf motif without critters if you prefer.
  • Note
  • 1. This birdbath was based on a concept by Rachel Schneider.