Christmas Countdown Calendar

By  Holly C. Moody 

size: 13"x20"

  • Christmas Countdown Calendar


  • Pinewood boards: 13”x20, 9”x14”
  • Wooden box (Email
  • Casey’s Wood Products: 1/8” thick: 41 1” discs, two 1-1/2” discs, 3-1/8”x6” Christmas tree, 3-7/8”x3-3/8” wreath; 3/16” thick: four 13/16”x1-1/4” cactus cutouts; four 1/2” block cubes
  • Dowels: 1/4”x36”, 1/2”x 36”
  • Jumbo craft stick
  • Forster Woodsies: two 2-1/2” ovals, one 1-1/2” star, 2”x3-1/2” snowman
  • Plaid FolkArt Acrylic Colors: Thicket, White, Black, Christmas Red, Burnt Umber, Yellow Ochre, Orange, Yellow, Medium Gray, Metallic Amethyst, Yellow, Country Blue, Cinnamon Brown, Williamsburg Blue, Metallic Pure Gold, Autumn Leaves, Tuscan Red, Raw Sienna, Antique White, Butter Pecan, Holiday Green, Evergreen, Sunflower, Lavender, Lush Foliage


  • Donna Dewberry Acrylic Paintbrushes: Angle Brush 3/4”, 5/8”; Filbert 1/2”; Flat #6, 8, 10; Script Liner #1, 2; Round #8; 1/2” Mini Scruffy; Dauber Set
  • Cricut Machine and Dies: Simply Sweet, Joys of the Season, Stand and Salute
  • DecoColor Opaque Paint Markers: Red, Green
  • Plaid: FolkArt Easy Float, Clear Satin Sealer
  • Irwin Quick Grips
  • Adhesive-back Velcro, 1/2” squares
  • Tite Bond II Premium Wood Glue

Basic Supplies

  • ruler, scissors, pencil, tape, black marker, black transfer paper, 1” picture hanger, paper towels, foam plates, foam brushes, glue brushes, dark green paper, sandpaper, glue stick

Pattern - Christmas Countdown Calendar

  • 1. Cut four 1/2" dowels to fit 20"x12" pine board and cut four 1/4" dowels to fit 9"x14" pine board. Sand edges. Glue dowel pieces around edges of both pine board pieces using premium wood glue. Use tape and quick grips to hold dowels in place until dry.
  • 2. Print out patterns. Transfer pattern onto board.
  • 3. Basecoat inside of box Thicket. Paint bricks on outside of box Tuscan Red and Autumn Leaves using #6 flat. When dry, outline each brick Black using script liner.
  • 4. Paint 1" wooden discs White. When dry, shade edges of discs Raw Sienna using 5/8" angle.
  • 5. Cut numbers 1-31 from dark green paper using Simply Sweet Cartridge and die-cut machine on 1/2" selection and shadow feature. Cut out images from dark green paper using Joys of Season, Simply Sweet, and Stand and Salure cartridges. Adhere numbers and images onto center of painted discs using glue stick. Let dry. Apply varnish on all pieces. Glue Velcro dots on back of each disc.
  • 6. For reindeer, basecoat oval and 1-1/2" shapes Burnt Umber and cactus shapes (antlers) Antique White using #8 flat. Use black marker to outline toe portion on oval piece. Shade edges of round and oval pieces Black and antlers Burnt Umber using 5/8" angle. Dot eyes White and noses Christmas Red using dauber. Drybrush cheeks Christmas Red using mini scruffy. Let dry. Use photo as guide to glue pieces together.
  • 7. For snowman, basecoat body Butter Pecan. Pounce White on body using 1/2" scruffy. Shade center and left side of body Navy Blue using 5/8" angle. Paint arms Burnt Umber, scarf Christmas Red, nose Orange, and add Black face details. Add Black buttons on body and White eyes using dauber. Add line work on scarf and nose using script liner.
  • 8. For Christmas tree, basecoat tree Thicket. Add details on tree Holiday Green and Lush Foliage using script liner. Add Christmas Red dots using dauber.
  • 9. For star, basecoat Yellow Ochre. Shade entire surface Metallic Pure Gold using #8 flat. Let dry. Glue star onto top of tree.
  • 10. For gift boxes, basecoat two boxes Thicket and two boxes Christmas Red. Use Opaque paint marker to draw pattern lines on boxes in contrasting color. Let dry.
  • 11. For wreath, basecoat wreath Evergreen and bow Christmas Red. Pounce Lush Foliage around wreath using 1/2" scruffy. Shade outer area of box and knot Tuscan Red using 5/8" angle. Pounch White around wreath edges using mini scruffy. Add Christmas Red dots on wreath using dauber.
  • 12. For Merry Christmas sign, cut rounded edges from jumbo craft stick. Measure and mark 3-3/4" on remaining stick. Basecoat sign Christmas Red. Use pencil to write "Merry Christmas" on center of sign. Paint lettering White using script liner. Let dry. Outline lettering Black using script liner.
  • 13. Apply varnish on all painted pieces. Let dry. Apply two coats sealer on pine boards and dowels. Let dry. Basecoat large board (with dowels) Thicket, dowels Christmas Red, and smaller board White.
  • 14. Center smaller board on larger board; trace around edges. Spread bond glue in traced area; press smaller board in glue. Use Quick Grips to tighten and hold pieces together to adhere. Let dry.
  • 15. Transfer fireplace and main pattern details on smaller board.
  • 16. Paint inside of fireplace Medium Gray, logs Burnt Umber, and flames Orange. Basecoat Santa's boots Christmas Red and sole of boots Black. Paint hearth Burnt Umber and paint small circles on top corners of hearth Cinnamon Brown using script liner. Paint bricks, alternating colors, Autumn Leaves and Tuscan Red using #6 flat. Outline bricks and fireplace Black using script liner. Let dry. Add Raw Sienna details using script liner. Shade gray background Black and outer edges of white background Burnt Umber using 3/4" angle. Paint garland on hearth and on smaller board Thicket, Lush Foliage, and Evergreen using #8 round. Add White snow details on garland using mini scruffy. Add Christmas Red dots on garland on hearth and garland on larger board using dauber. Paint details on fire Yellow, White, Raw Sienna, and Yellow Ochre.
  • 17. For stockings, transfer outlines on fireplace. (Note: Use #6 flat for main stocking portions and #8 round for smaller stocking portions.) For blue stocking, paint Williamsburg Blue and smaller portions Country Blue. For yellow stocking, paint Yellow Ochre and smaller portions Sunflower. For purple stocking, paint Metallic Amethyst and smaller portions Lavender. For green stocking, paint Thicket and smaller portions Lush Foliage. Outline stockings and add nail dot Black using script liner. Paint random snowflakes around board White using dauber and script liner.
  • 18. Use photo as guide to glue pieces and box on calendar boards. Let dry. Add Velcro number discs on board.