"Camp Grandma" Backpack

By  Betty Bowers 

  • Camp Grandma Backpack


  • DecoArt Americana Acrylics: Antique Rose, Blue Haze Light, Buttermilk, Country Red, Evergreen, Fawn, Hauser Light Green, Mustard Seed, Lamp (Ebony) Black, Medium Flesh, Milk Chocolate, Pansy Lavender, Terra Cotta, Uniform Blue, Warm White
  • Brushes: Loew-Cornell: La Corneille Golden Taklon: Liner, Series 7350, #0; Angular Shader, Series 7400, 1/4"
  • Fabric Brush: Flat, Series FAB, #4, #8
  • Specialty: Round Scumbler, Series 2014, #4
  • Natural Backpack (0129-NAT) from Bag Works Inc.


  • Cardboard inserts

Pattern - "Camp Grandma" Backpack

  • Preparation
  • 1. Wrap cardboard with plastic wrap; secure with tape. Insert cardboard inside backpack to prevent paint from bleeding through. Using photo as guide, base top front section of backpack Fawn; shaded edges Terra Cotta. Use liner to paint Lamp Black stitch line along edges, omitting bottom edge. Use Lamp Black to paint band above zipper and 1" wide borders on bottom front sides of backpack. Base remaining bottom area Hauser Lt. Green; shade edges Evergreen. Use Lamp Black to add stitch lines across top and bottom edges of green section. Use Pansy Lavender to dot black sections. Let dry.
  • 2. Print out pattern; transfer basic pattern lines. (Transfer details as needed.)
  • Bubble
  • 1. Base Buttermilk; shade edges Fawn. Shade Terra Cotta behind bubble. Use Milk Chocolate to base cookie; shade behind cookie. Paint icing Warm White; add Lamp Black chocolate chip dots.
  • 2. Base cone Milk Chocolate. Shade Terra Cotta behind cone. Add Lamp Black diagonal lines. Base ice cream Warm White; lightly shade Fawn. Dot sprinkles in desired colors.
  • 3. Base crayon Pansy Lavender; highlight Warm White. Add Lamp Black detailing.
  • Girl
  • 1. Base face Med. Flesh; shade Antique Rose. Use round scumbler and Antique Rose to dry brush cheeks. Use Lamp Black to base hair, eyes, and eyelashes; add Warm White highlight lines. Use Antique Rose to paint mouth and nose lines. Base hair bows and dress Hauser Lt. Green; shade Evergreen and highlight Warm White. Add Warm White pinstripes and Lamp Black buttons to dress. Base collar Mustard Seed; shade Milk Chocolate and highlight Warm White. Add Pansy Lavender dress bow. Use Warm White to highlight dot eyes and cheeks, and to dot hair bows, collar edges, and dress bow knot.
  • Doll
  • 1. Paint face and hands in same manner as girl. Dry brush cheeks Antique Rose. Dot eyes Lamp Black; add tiny Warm White highlight dots. Base hair Country Red; highlight Warm White. Base dress Blue Haze Lt.; dot buttons Warm White.
  • Flower
  • 1. Base pedals Warm White; shade Milk Chocolate. Use liner and Lamp Black to pull lines from base of pedals up. Base flower center Antique Rose. Add Lamp Black crosshatching and Mustard Seed dots.
  • Boy
  • 1. Paint entire face in same manner as girl. Base hat and overalls Blue Haze Lt.; shade Uniform Blue and highlight Warm White. Use Lamp Black to add hat stripes and overall stitch lines. Paint buttons Warm White; add Lamp Black button holes and stitch line. Base hair Country Red; highlight Warm White and shade Lamp Black. Base shirt Buttermilk; use Milk Chocolate to shade and add pinstripes.
  • 2. Use Milk Chocolate to base worm and boat hull; highlight Warm White. Dot worm's eyes Warm White; add tiny Lamp Black pupils. Base boat sail Buttermilk; highlight Warm White. Paint flag Country Red; add detailing to sail. Base frog Hauser Lt. Green; shade Evergreen and highlight Warm White. Paint eyes Warm White. Dot pupils Lamp Black and add tiny Warm White highlight dots. Paint mouth Lamp Black.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Paint star Mustard Seed. Use Lamp Black to paint number and star shine lines, and to paint and dot lettering.
  • 2. Spatter entire backpack front Lamp Black then Warm White.
  • 3. Heat set paint: place thin cloth over painted surface and press with warm dry iron.