Bringing Home the Tree

By  Robin Mani 

size: 7"x9"

  • Bringing Home the Tree


  • Creations Country Bear Woodcrafts: Snow-Globe (#2020), 7”x9”
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paints: Admiral Blue, Bleached Sand, Burnt Umber, Calypso Blue, Deep Burgundy, French Vanilla, Hauser Dark Green, Hauser Light Green, Hauser Medium Green, Lemon Yellow, Payne’s Grey, Pumpkin, Titanium White, Tuscan Red, Ultramarine Blue


  • Loew-Cornell La Corneille Brushes: Series 7050 Script Liner 10/0; Series 7300 Flat Shader #2, 4, 12; Series 7350 Liner #1, 2, 4; Series 7400 Angular Shader 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”; Series 7500 Filbert #4, 8, 10; Series 7550 Flat Wash 3/4”; Series 2014 Round Scumbler #2, 4, 6; Series 270 Maxine Thomas Oval Mop 1/2”
  • DecoArt: Multi-Purpose Sealer, Faux Glazing Medium, Easy Float, Thickening Medium
  • Krylon Spray: Gloss Finish

Basic Supplies

  • sea silk sponge, white and black graphite paper, sandpaper, fine-point black pen, palette knife, paper towels, lint-free cloth, stylus, white eraser

Pattern - Bringing Home the Tree

  • Prepare Surface
  • 1. Use palette knife to mix 1:1 mixture of Admiral Blue and Ultramarine Blue. Take half of mixture and add multi-purpose sealer. Basecoat surface mixture using 3/4" flat. Let dry. Sand surface lightly and wipe clean. Basecoat surface with 1:1 mixture (with no sealer). Let dry.
  • 2. Print out patterns. Trace pattern onto tracing paper. Transfer pattern using white graphite paper and stylus on surface. Transfer details as needed.
  • 3. Basecoat bottom of snow globe stand Tuscan Red using large flat.
  • Notes
  • 1. Throughout instructions, #1 Mix is Admiral Blue + Payne's Grey and #2 Mix is White + Thickening Medium. Angular brushes are used for basecoating, float shading, and float highlighting. Use mop brush to soften water edges on floats. Use appropriate-size brush for painting throughout. Use 10/0 script liner and liner brushes for liner work and thin details. Add Easy Float to water to make side-loading, blending, and liner work easier.
  • Snow Globe
  • 1. Dampen sea silk sponge with water and squeeze until almost dry. Pounce sponge into Faux Glazing Medium and pick up small amount White plus tiny amount Admiral Blue; pounce on palette to mix. Sponge mixture on surface for sky. Let dry.
  • 2. Thin Calyso Blue with water and wash over sky area using large flat.
  • 3. Trace moon, stars, and house on surface using white graphite paper and stylus. Basecoat moon French Vanilla using 3/8" angular. Float shade Tuscan Red on top inside edge and float highlight Lemon Yellow on bottom inside edge. Float/shade #1 Mix around outside top of moon. Basecoat stars French Vanilla using small liner. Float/shade Tuscan Red on bottom of each star using 1/4" angular. Tap Lemon Yellow highlight dot on center of each star using end of stylus.
  • 4. Dab Bleach Sand onto snow area below ground line using #10 filbert. Let some background color show through. Let dry.
  • 5. Undercoat house, chimney, and window area on roof French Vanilla. Basecoat areas Tuscan Red. (Note: Leave roof unpainted.) Let dry. Transfer door and windows onto house. Float/shade 6:1 mixture Deep Burgundy + Admiral Blue on house. Float 2:1 Lemon Yellow + Pumpkin highlight across top of chimney and right front edge of house. Basecoat door and boards above windows Hauser Medium Green using #2 flat. Drybrush across boards and down length of door Hauser Light Green.
  • 6. Basecoat windows French Vanilla using #4 flat. Paint trim and windowpanes Bleached Sand using liner. Highlight trim and windowpanes White. Float/shade to left of each windowpane Tuscan Red using 1/4" angular and line left side and bottom of each windowpane. Add Lemon Yellow highlight down right side of each windowpane.
  • 7. Use #4 filbert to pick up White and drybrush on paper towel. Drybrush smoke above chimney. Basecoat roof with two coats #2 Mix. Let dry. Float/shade roof 1:1 mixture Calypso Blue + Admiral Blue. Transfer remaining details on design.
  • 8. Line pine tree trunks and branches Burnt Umber. Stipple pine needles on branches Hauser Dark Green, Hauser Medium Green, and then Hauser Light Green using #2 scumbler. Stipple snow on branches White. Float/shade Hauser Dark Green on two sides of center tree.
  • 9. Stipple Hauser Dark Green and Hauser Light Green on bushes along bottom of house using #2 scumbler. Stipple snow along top of bushes White.
  • 10. Sideload 3/8" angular into Calypso Blue and float color under house, trees, and snow family along both sides of path. Dab #2 Mix building snow drifts along edges of path using scumblers and small liners. (Note: Keep dabbing #2 Mix to add dimension to design.) Deepen shading with floats of Admiral Blue.
  • snow globe
  • 1. Brush mix White + Tuscan Red + Pumpkin on palette and paint boy's face. Mix White + Burnt Umber and paint hair, eye, and line edge of face. Float/shade Tuscan Red on back of face. Paint jacket and hat Tuscan Red, float/shade 6:1 mixture Deep Burgundy + Admiral Blue, and outline French Vanilla. Dot buttons Payne's Grey. Paint scarf and pom-pom French Vanilla and shade and add Tuscan Red fringe. Paint boy's pants and hatband Calypso Blue and shade Admiral Blue. Paint boots and mittens Payne's Grey and drybrush White across top of boots.
  • Snow Globe
  • 1. Paint sled Tuscan Red and rails Payne's Grey. Paint pine tree same as above. Paint rope on sled Burnt Umber and highlight French Vanilla.
  • 2. Stipple #2 Mix to form snow people bodies. Float/shade Admiral Blue across bodies to separate sections. Stipple bodies White. Dot eyes Payne's Grey, paint noses Pumpkin, line arms Burnt Umber. Paint hats colors of choice.
  • 3. Lightly tint with floats of Lemon Yellow on front edge of roof, snow people, path, and snow on ground using 3/8" angular. Use stylus to add White dots over snow globe area. Fly/speck area with mixture of water + White using #6 scumbler. Let dry. Apply topcoat over roof, trees, snow people, and snowdrifts. Let dry overnight.
  • 4. Float/shade Calypso Blue below ground line around snow using large angular. Let dry. Float/shade #1 Mix around house. Float/shade 1:1 mixture Admiral Blue + Ultramarine Blue around globe edge, pulling colors towards center of snow globe using mop brush. Float/shade Payne's Grey around inside edge of snow globe. Highlight stroke White on sides of snow globe using #4 liner.
  • 5. Float/shade 6:1 mixture Deep Burgundy + Admiral Blue under snow globe on top edge of bottom stand. Float Pumpkin highlights on inside edges of stand. Basecoat ribbon Hauser Medium Green using #4 flat and float/shade Hauser Dark Green. Drybrush highlights on ribbon Hauser Light Green then Lemon Yellow using small filbert. Basecoat tag French Vanilla and float/shade around inside edge 1:1 mixture Tuscan Red + Pumpkin. Line tag edges Admiral Blue and highlight Calypso Blue.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Use black pen to write "Noel" and date on tag. Allow paint to dry thoroughly. Erase any graphite lines with white eraser. Varnish with two coats gloss spray.