Bittersweet Autumn

By  Maxine Thomas 

  • Bittersweet Autumn
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  • DecoArt: Americana Acrylics: Antique Teal, Antique White, Burnt Orange, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Dark Chocolate, Heritage Brick, Honey Brown, Khaki Tan, Lamp (Ebony) Black, Light Buttermilk, Medium Flesh, Primary Yellow, Russet, Snow (Titanium) White, Soft Black
  • Hot Shots: Torrid Orange
  • Martin F. Weber Permalba Oil Paint: Burnt Umber
  • Brushes: Loew-Cornell: La Corneille Golden Taklon: Filbert, Series 7500, #2, #4, #6; Shader, Series 7300, #12; Wash/Glaze, Series 7550, 3/4"; Liner, Series 7350, #10/0
  • Brushes: Specialty: Maxine's Oval Mop Goat Hair, Series 270, 3/8", 1/2"; Crescent Golden Taklon & Bristle, Series 247, 1/4", 3/8"
  • Rusty folk stars: 1", 3"
  • DecoArt Americana: Acrylic Multi- Purpose Sealer; Acrylic Sealer/Finisher, Matte
  • Paint thinner
  • Arch Back Box from Smooth Cut Wood

Pattern - Bittersweet Autumn

  • Preparation
  • 1. Sand and seal wood piece. Base design area Khaki Tan and remaining surface Antique Teal. Print out pattern; transfer basic pattern lines. (Transfer details as needed.)
  • 2. Use following colors to basecoat elements: Heritage Brick: birdhouse - Dk. Chocolate: birdhouse roof, floor, and perch; his hat, coat, pants, and hair; pumpkin stems - Honey Brown: unflower petals; her dress - Soft Black: sunflower center (hole) - Med. Flesh: faces, hands - Lt. Buttermilk: collars; her cap and apron; his stockings - Russet: her hair - Lamp Black: his hatband and shoes; blocks; crow - Burnt Orange: pumpkins - Antique White: candles
  • Pilgrims
  • 1. Use Burnt Umber to shade tops of faces, tops of necks, and tops of hands. Use Lt. Buttermilk to highlight center of faces and end of hands. Lightly shade her cheeks Heritage Brick. Line brows Dk. Chocolate. Dot eyes Lamp Black; add tiny Lt. Buttermilk highlight dots. Paint mouths Heritage Brick. Use Soft Black to shade his hair under hat and her hair on each side of part. Highlight his hair with tiny Honey Brown lines and hers with Burnt Orange lines.
  • Clothes
  • 1. Him: Use Soft Black to shade above hatband, each side of brim, softly along each side of collar, under collar, down center front of jacket, on sleeves next to body, under coat, center front of pants, along bottom of pant legs, on stockings below pant legs and down center. Use Honey Brown to highlight top of hat, center of brim, outer edge of sleeves, center of jacket, and on knees of pants. Use Snow White to highlight center of collar. Paint string tie Honey Brown; highlight Primary Yellow on loops, knot, and tie ends. Paint buckle Primary Yellow; shade Burnt Sienna along bottom and highlight Primary Yellow along top.
  • 2. Her: Use Russet to add dress detailing; shade dress under collar, on sleeves next to body, under apron, and softly up each side of dress fading out at hands. Use Primary Yellow to highlight sleeves and center of dress under apron. Use Soft Black to softly shade cap above brim and at bottom of brim at each side of head; shade each side of collar and under collar on apron. Use Snow White to highlight center of brim, bottom of collar and dress. Add Russet stitch lines on collar and apron.
  • Blocks
  • 1. Softly highlight Honey Brown at tops. Painter letters Antique White.
  • Pumpkins
  • 1. Use Heritage Brick to shade each side of center section and along bottom of entire pumpkin; repeat with Russet. Shade Soft Black across bottom of pumpkins. Highlight Torrid Orange in center of each section; brighten highlights with Primary Yellow. Use Soft Black to shade stems next to pumpkins; highlight Honey Brown in center. Use Soft Black to add groove lines and tendrils.
  • Candles
  • 1. Use Dk. Chocolate to shade along left side and bottom; use Soft Black to darken across bottom. Highlight Lt. Buttermilk down center. Line wicks Soft Black. Base flames Primary Yellow; softly shade Burnt Orange along bottom and highlight tips Lt. Buttermilk. Lightly shade Dk. Chocolate along left side of flame; dry brush Primary Yellow shine around and over flame.
  • Birdhouse
  • 1. Use Soft Black to shade under roof, around sunflower, under perch, and above floor. Use Honey Brown to highlight right side of roof and perch, and along top of floor. Add Lamp Black board lines and wood grain cracks. Use Burnt Sienna to shade around flower center (hole) on petals; repeat with Russet. Highlight petal ends Primary Yellow. Shade Lamp Black along upper right of hole.
  • Crow
  • 1. Use Honey Brown to softly highlight beak, tummy, and tail. Paint legs Lamp Black. Dot eye Primary Yellow; add smaller Lamp Black dot. Line star wire Honey Brown; shade wire Soft Black under beak and above star.
  • Bittersweet Garland
  • 1. Line vine Soft Black and paint leaves Lamp Black. For berries, use large handle end of brush to dot Burnt Orange. Use Primary Yellow to stroke calyx and highlight dot berries. Add Soft Black stamen to berry ends.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Use Dk. Chocolate to shade behind elements along left side. Add Lamp Black detailing lines where needed. Spatter entire box Soft Black. Lightly sand straight edges for "worn" look. Follow manufacturer's directions to "antique" surface with Burnt Umber oil paint. Glue large star to back of box and small star at bottom right of bird house. Apply sealer.