Autumn Scarecrow Hanging

By  Anita Morin 

  • Autumn Scarecrow Hanging
  • Painting Steps


  • Coyote Woodworks Hat Banner and Boots (H130)
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paints: Lamp Black, Raw Sienna, Burnt Umber, Raw Umber, Fawn, Neutral Grey, Slate Grey, Purple Cow, Pansy Lavender, Gingerbread, Heritage Brick, Titanium White, Uniform Blue, Deep Midnight Blue, Payne’s Grey, Plantation Pine
  • Wire, 19-gauge: six 8” lengths


  • Dynasty Black Gold Brushes: Series 206FW Flat Wash 1/4”, 1/2”; Series 206S Shader #10, 14, 20; Series 206A Angular 3/8”; Series 206FIL Filbert: #8, 10; Series 206R Round #3, 5; Series 206SL Script Liner 10/0; Decorator: 400 Series Mini Mops 3/8”, 5/8”; 200 Series Dry Brush #4, 12; 100 Series Foliage Wave 3/4”
  • DecoArt: Easy Float, DuraClear Matte Varnish

Basic Supplies

  • sponge brush, sandpaper, stylus, tracing paper, transfer paper, wire cutters, pencil

Pattern - Autumn Scarecrow Hanging

  • Size
  • 1. Sign is 2' wide x3' tall.
  • Prepare Surface
  • 1. Sand rough edges and wipe dust with tack cloth. Use sponge brush to basecoat hat and boots Lamp Black, star Purple Cow, and banner Fawn. Let dry.
  • 2. Print out patterns. Transfer patterns onto pieces.
  • 3. Float Neutral Grey using #20 shader around hat and edges of boots. Apply second float of Slate Grey.
  • 4. Follow worksheet throughout to paint pieces.
  • Hat
  • 1. Basecoat hat band Purple Cow using 1/2" flat wash. Let dry. Float Pansy Lavender on both sides and along pumpkin. Darken with same color. Drybrush Snow White highlight on center band.
  • 2. Basecoat pumpkins Gingerbread using #10 filbert. Drybrush highlight on center of pumpkins Tangerine. Keeping brush dirty, apply second highlight Snow White. Let dry. Transfer main pattern details. Float Heritage Brick using angular in creases and on bottom of pumpkins. Darken areas with mix of Heritage Brick and Burnt Umber on corner creases for top and bottom areas. Highlight top and sides with mix of Gingerbread and Tangerine. Float Plantation Pine along sides and bottom. Float under hat for pumpkin face Heritage Brick.
  • 3. Basecoat pumpkin stems using #5 round Raw Sienna. Float Burnt Sienna along bottom and top of stems. Darken with Burnt Umber. Highlight top area mix of Raw Sienna and Snow White. Outline twig Burnt Umber using script liner.
  • 4. Basecoat fence and post Fawn. Float Burnt Umber along bottom, left side of post, along pants, and behind post. Darken corners and behind pants Raw Umber. Highlight along top area and along right side of post with mix of Fawn and Snow White. Outline wood grains Burnt Umber using script liner. Float Burnt Umber on each side of post ends.
  • 5. Drybrush center of star with mix of Purple Cow and Snow White. Float Pansy Lavender along edges.
  • Boots
  • 1. Basecoat scarecrow pants Uniform Blue and cuffs with mix of Uniform Blue and Snow White. Drybrush center of pants with mix of Uniform Blue and Snow White. Float Deep Midnight Blue along both sides of pants, sides of cuffs, and along top and bottom of pants. Darken Payne's Grey along top and bottom corners and center creases on inside of legs. Basecoat patch Heritage Brick using 1/4" flat wash.
  • 2. Basecoat scarecrow shirt Purple Cow and collar and patches Snow White using #8 filbert. Use end of paintbrush to apply Deep Midnight Blue highlight dots. Let dry. Float Pansy Lavender along sides, bottom, under collar, and along inside of arm and cuffs. Drybrush center of stomach and arms with mix of Purple Cow and Snow White. Float Payne's Grey along top of collar. Darken creases with Payne's Grey. Highlight bottom of collar Snow White.
  • 3. Transfer details on pumpkin face. Basecoat eyes, nose, and mouth Lamp Black. Outline eyelashes and chin Lamp Black. Highlight inner eyes, nose, and mouth Snow White. Drybrush cheeks Heritage Brick using #4 dry brush.
  • 4. Basecoat scarecrow hat Fawn and hat band Uniform Blue. Float along sides, inside and top creases, and bottom rim Burnt Umber. Darken same area Burnt Umber. Outline checkered lines Burnt Umber. Highlight top and right side mix of Fawn and Snow White. Drybrush highlight mix of Uniform Blue and Snow White. Float both sides of band Deep Midnight Blue. Darken floats with Payne's Grey.
  • 5. Apply Raw Sienna hay strokes. Keeping brush dirty, apply highlight with Fawn. Apply Plantation Pine grass strokes. Keeping brush dirty, apply highlight with Snow White.
  • Banner
  • 1. Basecoat banner Fawn using sponge brush. Drybrush dark areas along sides and center Burnt Umber using foliage wave brush. Drybrush highlight with mix of Fawn and Snow White. Outline wood grains Burnt Umber using script liner. Apply pressure to thicken areas.
  • 2. Transfer lettering. Basecoat wording Lamp Black using #4 round.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Apply two coats varnish. Let dry. Cut wire into six 8" lengths. Attach wire lengths through hole on star and insert through hole on hat end; twist ends on back. Attach four wire lengths through holes on boots into holes on bottom of banner and holes on top of banner into bottom of hat; twist to secure on back. To hang, insert wire length through top of hat; twist ends into loop and secure.