Snowman Mitten, Hat, & Scarf Holder

for  Craft Marketing Connections, Inc.

size: 34"x40"

  • Snowman Mitten, Hat, & Scarf Holder


  • Elmer's Foam Board: two 20"x30"x1/2" White sheets
  • FloraCraft design featuring Make It: Fun Dow STYROFOAM Brand Foam: 3” ball
  • Small tree branches, two 24" lengths
  • Buttons in various colors, seven 1-1/2"
  • Medium red or dark pink rick rack, 6" length
  • Artificial carrot, 5”


  • DecoArt Ornamental Snow-Tex, 10 4 oz. jars
  • Design Master Clear Finish Matte Spray
  • FloraCraft Design It: Foam Cutter
  • X-ACTO Products: #1 Craft Knife with extra blades, 12"x12" self healing cutting mat, 6" precision tip scissors
  • Glue gun and sticks

Basic Supplies

  • photocopier, copy paper, pencil, newspapers, butter knife, craft snips

Pattern - Snowman Mitten, Hat, and Scarf Holder

  • 1. Enlarge patterns to 300% and print. (Note: Due to the large size of this project, the pattern was not submitted at full size because it would be too difficult to follow broken over numerous pages. To create this project, please enlarge pattern as instructed.) Trace body onto foam board. Use craft knife and cutting mat to cut out body. Cut head from other foam board.
  • 2. Use glue gun to attach head onto body, position head at angle. For cheeks, use foam cutter to cut two 1/2"-thick slices from sides of foam ball. Glue cheeks on head.
  • 3. On covered work surface, use butter knife to spread textured snow paint onto head, cheeks, and body. Create "swirls" in paint for added dimension. Let snowman pieces dry on work surface. With clean hands, press buttons into wet paint for eyes and for buttons down front of body. Let dry thoroughly.
  • 4. On back of snowman, position small branches for arms. Use glue gun to attach arms. For added support, cut four 1"x4" foam board pieces and glue onto ends of each arm. (Note: Branches need to be somewhat thick in order to hold hats, gloves, and other accessories.)
  • 5. To create supports to hold snowman upright, use craft knife to cut 8" foam board square. Diagonally cut square into two triangles. Use craft knife and ruler to cut wedge off of one triangle by measuring: on one 8" side, measure up 2" on diagonal edge (from point) and mark. Draw line from mark back to right angle corner. Repeat with other triangle. Cut off and discard wedges. Stand snowman upright with flat bottom on floor. Use glue gun to attach 8" edge of both triangles, about 5" apart, on back of snowman, aligning bottom edges. For additional support, cut four 1"x4" foam board rectangles and glue onto each side of triangle base pieces as in process done with arms. (Note: If snowman tips forward, use craft knife to trim small piece off of bottom of each triangle, so snowman leans back.)
  • 6. For mouth, use glue gun to attach rick rack, trimming ends with scissors. Use craft snips to diagonally trim stem off end of carrot and use glue gun to attach onto face.
  • 7. In well-ventilated, newspaper-covered area, spray entire snowman with clear acrylic spray. (Note: This will keep it clean and protect it from damp clothing.) Let dry thoroughly.