Jack-o-Lantern Candy Dish

By  Debby-Forshey-Choma 

  • Jack-o-Lantern Candy Dish


  • Candy Dish with 5-1/2" Lid (
  • Americana Acrylic Paints (DecoArt): Antique Gold; Avocado; Deep Midnight Blue; Espresso; Evergreen; Grey Sky; Heritage Brick; Lamp Black; Raw Sienna; Tangelo Orange; Violet Haze
  • DuraClear Matte Varnish (DecoArt)
  • Multi-Purpose Sealer (DecoArt)
  • Weathered Wood (DecoArt)


  • Paintbrushes (Royal): Debby Forshey's Texture Brush, Series 1360, Medium; Aqualon Filbert Wisp, Series 2935, 1/4"; Oval Wash Combo, Series 3080, #1; Majestic: Square Shaders, Series 4150, #0, #2, #4, #6, #8; Mini Script Liner, Series 4200SL, 20/0; Liner, Series 4585, 10/0; Glaze Wash, Series 4700, 3/4"

Basic Supplies

  • newspaper (to cover work surface)

Pattern - Jack-o-Lantern Candy Dish

  • 1. Apply one coat of sealer to lid, using glaze wash brush. Lightly sand and wipe dust. Basecoat lid mix of equal parts of Lamp Black with sealer. Lightly sand with a small piece of brown bag. Wipe dust. Basecoat Lamp Black.
  • 2. For crackled background, follow manufacturer's instructions to apply crackle medium to top and side edge of lid's surface. Use mix of equal parts Violet Haze and Deep Midnight Blue for topcoat. Let dry overnight. When dry, lightly mist with matte spray.
  • 3. Print and cut out pattern. Transfer horizon (land) line to surface. Corner-load angle with Antique Gold; chisel float randomly over sky area for highlight. (Note: To chisel float, corner-load angle, blend off on palette, lay bristles of brush flat on surface, chisel edge up. Push paint on bristles from left to right in a scratching motion, letting bristles to pull a broken line that is slightly floated.)
  • 4. For land area, basecoat with two coats of Avocado, using glaze wash brush. Corner-load angle with Antique Gold; chisel float randomly over land area for highlight. Transfer remaining design.
  • 5. For shrubs, use medium texture brush and Avocado to dance shrubs in along horizon. (Note: To use texture brush, dampen bristles with water to separate bristles. Tap bristles into paint on palette, hold it perpendicular to palette, pounce it up and down to remove some paint, keeping paint sparse on brush. Use brush on whole foot or just the toe.) Tap lightly on surface, dance with brush up and down, rolling brush in different directions in between your fingers when it is up in the air. Let dry between dances so paint sets and does not look muddy. With medium texture brush, dance Antique Gold, Tangelo Orange and Heritage Brick in shrubs.
  • 6. For haunted tree, basecoat in slip-slap motion with Espresso on one corner of #8 shader and Raw Sienna on opposite corner. Repeat for second coat. Corner-load angle with Antique gold; randomly float highlights over tree. Corner-load angle with mix of Espresso and Lamp Black, brush blend on palette and float eyes and mouth on tree. Basecoat raven and pull legs with Lamp Black. Place an Antique Gold dip dot for eye and pull beak
  • 7. For cloud, moon and bats, loosely wash cloud shape with Grey Sky. Basecoat moon one coat of Antique Gold. Randomly wash over moon with Tangelo Orange. Using 20/0 liner and Lamp Black, pull bats. Using Antique Gold, pull highlight strokes across top of each bat strokes.
  • 8. For head stones, basecoat each head stone with wash of Grey Sky. With 20/0 liner and Grey Sky, outline each head stone. Then with Lamp Black, pull crosses, rip and squiggles.
  • 9. For jack-o-lanterns, basecoat pumpkins Tangelo Orange. Corner-load angle with Heritage Brick; float shades to create sections on each pumpkin. With 20/0 liner and Antique Gold, pull eyes, noses and mouths. Pull stems and tendrils with Evergreen.
  • 10. For grass patches, use filbert wisp and thinned Evergreen to pull grass patches over land areas, using photo as guide.
  • 11. Use oval wash combo to apply varnish to lid.