Slice of Pizza Costume

By  Donna Buikema 

This mouth-watering costume will have your friends craving you!

  • Slice of Pizza Costume
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  • Foam, 3” thick (for length, measure child from shoulders to shin and double measurement)
  • Acrylic paints: brown, dark red, terra cotta
  • Brown grosgrain ribbon, 3/4”-wide, 1 yd.


  • Beacon Adhesives Hold the Foam Glue

Basic Supplies

  • pencil, scissors, ruler, plastic container
  • 1. For crust edge, cut two 3" lengths from one short end of foam. For front and back crust slices, cut remaining foam length in half. Cut each length into triangles; save excess foam for "cheese" and "sausage". Adhere crust edge to top of each crust slice. Let dry.

    Slice of Pizza Costume
  • 2. To paint the slices, mix equal parts of water with brown paint. Apply a small amount of thinned paint onto front crust. Use hands to massage and work paint into foam. Continue same for entire front slice and back slice. Let dry. For sauce, refer to photo to apply water-thinned dark red paint to three-fourths of front crust only and work into foam. Let dry.

    Slice of Pizza Costume
  • 3. For sausage, tear several chunks from excess foam. In same way as crust and sauce, apply water-thinned terra cotta to sausage. Let dry. For cheese, cut remaining foam into 6" to 8" strips. Randomly adhere cheese strips and sausage pieces to front slice. Let dry.
  • 4. For shoulder straps, use point of scissors to make two holes, shoulder width apart, into each crust edge. Cut two 15" to 18" lengths from ribbon. Thread ends from back to front of each crust edge, aligning same sides. Knot ribbon ends.