Rustic Foam Board Tree

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size: 13"x16"

  • Rustic Foam Board Tree


  • Elmer’s: Green Tree Foam Board Shapes, 13”x16”; Foam Board, 20”x30”x1/2”
  • Artificial berry bush, with two berry colors
  • Natural twine, 3 yds.


  • Design Master: Color Tool Spray Colors: Hunter Green, Moss Green; Hickory Home Décor Stain
  • Elmer’s X-ACTO Tools: #11 Craft Knife, 12” Metal Ruler, 12”x12” Self Healing Cutting Mat, 8” Scissors
  • Elmer’s CraftBond Glue Spots: Thin-Mini; 3-D Popup-Medium

Basic Supplies

  • pencil, sandpaper, newspaper (to cover work surface)
  • 1. With pencil, draw pointed top of tree and use knife on cutting mat to cut off star. Practice on scraps of foam board until comfortable with process, working carefully to prevent injury. Use knife to cut along foam board tree edge with irregular scallops, pushing knife away 1"-2" at a time, to cut irregular-shaped edges. Next, cut along outside edge to cut away pieces that will make profile irregular. Brush and smooth away any foam board crumbs. (Note: This will make the branch tips pointed rather than rounded like uncut tree shape.)
  • 2. Refer to photo and use pencil to sketch 2"-long, slightly-curved "stripes" with pointed ends onto center area of foam board tree. Use knife to cut along sketched line, going no more than halfway down into foam. Turn frame around and run knife along other pencil line to cut other side of wedge. Use point of knife to remove wedge. Brush away any foam board crumbs.
  • 3. With knife and metal ruler on cutting mat, cut 3"x10" foam board rectangle for base. Carve edges and surface of base. To make slot for tree, cut 1/4"x5"-long channel on center top of base, using knife to scoop out crumbs.
  • 4. In well-ventilated, newspaper-covered area, spray front of tree Hunter Green. Let dry. Spray front and back of tree Moss Green. Let dry. Spray base Hickory. Let dry.
  • 5. To distress, lightly sand front of tree allowing Hunter Green to show through in areas. (Note: If any touch up of white areas is needed, spray Moss Green in paper cup and use small paintbrush to touch up.) Lightly sand base.
  • 6. Cut and set aside 18" twine length. With scissors, snip berry stem, creating "Y" with berry on each end. With remaining twine, tie knots at 1" intervals through length, adding berry "Y" every two or three knots, alternating colors and size of berries.
  • 7. Apply four 3-D glue spots in channel of base; insert tree. Wrap knotted twine around tree, adhering twine with thin glue spots.
  • 8. Cut 3" berry sprig length. Gather small cluster of sprigs for tree top and wrap with 18" twine length; tie into bow. Adhere twine to tree using 3-D glue spots. Insert additional berry sprigs around base of tree, adhering with glue spots as needed.