Frankenstein Basket

By  Mary Ayres 

Don't be afraid! This Frankenstein treat basket is a fun way to carry your candy haul on Halloween night.

  • Frankenstein Basket
  • Closeup View


  • Round wood apple basket with handle, 6-1/2”x9-1/2”
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint: Bright Green, Olive Green, Georgia Clay, True Red, White Wash, Dark Pine
  • Wiggle eyes, 25mm, two
  • Craft stick
  • Forster Woodsies Flat Wooden Rectangle Shapes, five
  • Wooden knob, 1-1/4”
  • Black rick rack, 1"-wide, 29” length


  • Black permanent markers: extra-fine-line, fine-line
  • Thick craft glue

Basic Supplies

  • paintbrush, bristle brush, paper towel, paper plate (for palette)
  • 1. To paint the basket, refer to photo. Use Georgia Clay to paint top band of basket. Use Bright Green to paint remainder of basket, wooden handle of basket, and door knob (nose). Let dry. Use Olive Green to dry brush wood handle, edges of nose, and entire outside surface of basket. (Note: to dry brush, dip bristle brush into paint, stroke on paper towel until almost dry, and brush surface.)

    Frankenstein Basket
  • 2. For mouth, use True Red to paint craft stick. Let dry. For teeth, use White Wash to paint each wooden rectangle. Let dry. Use Dark Pine to dry brush edges of mouth and teeth. Use extra-fine-line marker to draw a wiggly outline along edges of mouth and teeth. Adhere teeth unevenly to back bottom of mouth.
  • 3. To assemble the face, see photo. Adhere nose to center of one side of basket. Use True Red to dry brush cheeks on face to each side of nose. Adhere eyes side-by-side to face as shown. Center and adhere mouth to face below nose at a slight angle. Adhere rick rack around bottom edge of top band with seam at back of basket. Use fine-line marker to randomly draw "scars" around basket.

    Frankenstein Basket