Days 'Til Christmas Calendar

By  Pam Sicely 

size: 6-1/2"x9-1/2"

  • Days 'Til Christmas Calendar


  • Darice Magnetic Canvas Sheet, 9"x12"
  • DecoArt Americana: Acrylic Paints: Festive Green, Flesh Tone, Lamp Black, Petal Pink, Santa Red, Warm White; Dazzling Metallics Elegant Finish: Splendid Gold; Matte Sealer


  • Square paper punch, 1-3/8"

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler, paintbrush, newspaper (to cover work surface)

Pattern - Days 'Til Christmas Calendar

  • 1. Adults, help kids when spraying sealer.
  • 2. Trace and cut out pattern. For number squares, use paper punch to punch or measure and cut out 12 1-3/8" squares from magnetic sheet.
  • 3. On covered work surface, paint: mittens Festive Green, face and lip Flesh Tone, cheeks Petal Pink, stripes Santa Red, inside of mouth Lamp Black. Let dry.
  • 4. Highlight top of nose and bottom of lip Petal Pink, dot cheeks Warm White, and number squares Santa Red. Use Lamp Black to dot eyes and outline number squares and letters. Let dry.
  • 5. Use Splendid Gold to outline glasses. Let dry.
  • 6. Apply spray sealer onto all areas of calendar and number squares. Let dry.