Country Charm Apple Lantern

By  Linda Lover 

Add a festive fall touch to any room with this "pewter-look" luminary - a terrific recycling project made from a large juice can and a metal funnel.

  • Country Charm Apple Lantern
  • Apple Lantern
  • Fig. 1


  • Large juice can, 4-1/4” diameter, 7” tall
  • Metal funnel, 6” diameter
  • Craft wire, 19-gauge, 24 inches


  • Delta Creative Air-Dry PermEnamel Paint: Fire Red, Ultra Black, Ivory, Hunter Green, True Green, Chocolate
  • Paintbrushes: #8 and #12 shaders; #3 round liner
  • Delta Creative Clear Satin Glaze
  • Delta Creative Ceramcoat Metal Primer
  • Waterproof caulk
  • Duct tape
  • Washable marker

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, pencil, transfer paper, protective eye glasses, heavy gloves, wire cutters, hack saw, drill with 3/16” bit (if funnel is galvanized steel), large nail, hammer, scrap piece of wood, paper plate, paper towel, old bath towel

Pattern - Country Charm Apple Lantern

  • Size
  • 1. Approximate finished size is 10" tall.
  • Caution
  • 1. Always wear protective eye glasses and gloves when working with metal.
  • Prepare Can and Funnel
  • 1. Wash can and funnel; let dry. Use hack saw to cut spout from funnel. Hammer cut edges to inside. Working from the outside, cover funnel opening with duct tape, taping over outside seam. Working from the inside, fill funnel opening and seam with caulk. Following manufacturer's instructions, let caulk cure.
  • 2. Place funnel, open end up, into a container to keep it upright and level. Fill juice can and funnel with water; freeze. (Note: Bottom of can may become bowed during freezing process. To flatten, turn can upside down on work surface. Cover bottom of can with a scrap piece of wood. Hammer wood until bottom of can becomes level.)
  • Punch the Design
  • 1. Print and cut out patterns along dashed lines.
  • 2. For base, transfer one apple, large apple leaves, and stems to opposite sides of can so that bottom of apple is 1-1/4" from bottom edge. Repeat dot pattern below apple around bottom of can. Do not transfer small leaves at this time; set pattern aside to be used again later. With marker, trace over transferred lines and dots.
  • 3. With seam at center back, transfer "Apple" to front of shade so that bottom of letters are 1" from bottom. Do not transfer leaves at this time. Set pattern aside to be used again later. Use marker to trace over letters.
  • 4. To punch holes in can, roll ends of bath towel, jelly-roll fashion, toward center of towel (Fig. 1); nestle can between rolls. Using nail and hammer, outline apples and leaves by punching holes every 1/4". Punch holes along apple stems and around bottom of can.

    Figure 1
  • 5. For hanging wire, punch two holes, just below rim of can, one on each side, so holes are centered between apples.
  • 6. If funnel is galvanized steel, use drill to make holes; if aluminum, use nail and hammer. Punch holes along letters, every 1/4".
  • 7. Remove caulk and tape. Remove ice from base and shade. Wash base and shade to remove marker lines.
  • Paint the Designs
  • 1. Note: Squeeze small amounts of paint onto paper plate as needed. Use as many coats as needed for good coverage. Let paint dry between coats and color changes. Use large shader for primer, apples, and large leaves; use small shader for small leaves; use round brush for stems; use liner for shade trim.
  • 2. Paint outside surfaces of base and shade, including shade rim, with two coats of primer. Let last coat of primer dry 2 hours before proceeding.
  • 3. For small leaves, use base pattern to transfer leaves all the way around bottom of base. In the same way, use shade pattern to transfer leaves around top and bottom edges of shade.
  • 4. For base, use punched holes as painting guide. Paint apples Fire Red; paint leaves Hunter Green. With True Green, highlight top edges of leaves and vein line down center of each large leaf.
  • 5. For stems, double load brush with Chocolate and Ivory; paint stems. To double load brush, dip one side edge of brush into Chocolate, and other into Ivory. Stroke brush back and forth once across paper plate.
  • 6. For shade, use punched holes and pattern as guides. Paint letters Ultra Black. Paint leaves and stems in the same way as base. Paint bottom rim with Fire Red. Using indentation at top of shade as a guide, paint a 1/16" wide Fire Red line around top of shade.
  • 7. Apply one coat of satin glaze to outside of base and shade; let dry.
  • Finishing
  • 1. For hanger, fold wire in half. Twist wire together, 3" from fold. Working from inside of base, insert one wire end through each hole. Spiral wrap wire ends tightly around paintbrush handle three times, forming a coil on outside of base.
  • 2. Place shade on base with hanger coming up through top.
  • 3. Allow paint to cure for 6-10 days before use.