Mosaic Home Sign

Upcycle old, colorful plates to create this mosaic home sign for a unique wall hanging or decorative piece.
By  Joan Martin Fee 



Wood plaque with rounded corners, 7½”x14”
Tuscan themed plate
Tile: beige, orange
Ceramic heart, 1”
Sawtooth hanger, two


Letter stencils, 3”-4”
Wheeled glass nippers
Nutmeg sanded grout
Weldbond Universal Adhesive


Container of water
Craft stick
Safety glasses
Latex gloves
Ruler and pencil
Glass cleaner and paper towels

Project Instructions

1. Draw 1” border around plaque with pencil. Trace “Home” centered on plaque using stencils and pencil. Attach sawtooth picture hangers on back of plaque.

2. Break plates and tiles using wheeled glass nippers while wearing gloves and safety glasses. Adhere ceramic heart in center of ‘O’. Adhere larger pieces of plate and orange tiles along border, leaving 1/8” around outer edge of plaque and in between mosaic pieces. Adhere small plate pieces to fill in letters. Adhere broken beige tiles in between letters and inside border as shown. Let dry.

3. Mix grout according to manufacturer’s instructions until grout reaches peanut butter consistency. Spread grout over mosaic surface with craft stick, pushing grout into all crevices. Gently remove excess grout using opposite end of craft stick. Rub grout along edge of plaque to stain wood using gloved hand. Wipe grout off top of mosaic using damp sponge. Rinse and wring out sponge as you wipe. Let dry overnight. Clean grout haze with window cleaner and paper towels.