Tropical Resin Hanging

By  Hilary Stephens  for  Environmental Technology

size: 16"x20"

  • Tropical Resin Hanging
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  • Chart


  • Picture frame with glass, 16”x20”
  • Rope or heavy-duty cording, 48”
  • Eye screws, 3/8”, two


  • Heat tool
  • Jacquard Pinata Color Alcohol Inks: Baha Blue, Tangerine, Senorita Magenta, Lime Green, Burro Brown
  • Environmental Technology Inc. EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy
  • Electric drill and bit
  • White craft glue with pointed tip

Basic Supplies

  • black permanent marker, ruler, scissors, large plastic bag or tablecloth, tape, plastic containers or disposable buckets, six, disposable cups, six, paint mixing sticks, rubbing alcohol, cotton swabs, disposable gloves, craft sticks

Pattern - Tropical Resin Hanging

  • 1. Print out full-size pattern. Drill small hole into center of side of frame, 3" from top. Attach eye screw; repeat on opposite side. Apply unbroken bead of glue around glass slot; adhere glass to frame, removing excess glue with damp cotton swab. Let dry until glue is clear.
  • 2. Cover work surface with plastic bag or tablecloth, taping into place. Wearing disposable gloves, mix 16 oz. of resin following manufacturer's instructions. Divide resin between six disposable cups and add ink following chart. Mix thoroughly with craft sticks.

  • 3. Pour colored resin onto plastic-covered work surface in circles, leaving 4" between colors. Allow circles to combine to create new colors. Resin will flow out, forming glass-like sheet approximately 18"x24". Let spread for 30 minutes, then remove bubbles using heat tool. Let dry 12 hours. Lift resin from plastic, keeping plastic for later use in Step 6.

    Photo 1
  • 4. Position resin sheet over printed patterns; trace pattern pieces onto resin using marker. Warm resin for few seconds with heat tool before cutting out each pattern piece. Trim away marker lines. Freehand cut brown twig pieces, green leaves, and magenta leaves. Trace and cut circles of various sizes to stack in flower centers. Remove any marker lines with alcohol-soaked swabs.

    Photo 2
  • 5. Lay out design, overlapping and stacking resin pieces to create layers of color. Begin transferring design to top glass surface, adhering with tiny bit of craft glue in one or two places, leaving space between resin pieces for mosaic look. (Note: Glue holds resin until final sealing only. If circles of glue are visible, use less glue.) Adhere tree and branch pieces, then twig and bird pieces, and finally leaves and flowers. Embellish flowers, bird wing, and bird eye with trimmed bits of resin. Fill background with freehand-cut blue resin pieces. Let dry one or two days.

    Photo 3

    Photo 4
  • 6. Position frame face-up on protected work surface. Mix eight ounces resin and pour very slowly over mosaic, starting with tops of flower centers. Use craft stick to spread resin carefully over mosaic and gently press air bubbles out from beneath pieces. Let mosaic set for 30 minutes. Pop any remaining air bubbles using heat tool. Let dry for 24 hours. (Note: If any mosaic pieces protrude beyond flat resin surface, mix and apply another six ounces of resin over mosaic. Let dry in warm area for 48 hours.)
  • 7. Tie cord ends through eye screws; knot in place. Secure knots with craft glue.