Patriotic Luminary

By  Rita Schwab  for  Diamond Tech


  • KraftyBlok*
  • Jennifer’s Mosaics Glass Shapes: Squares: Red Cathedral; White Stained Glass; Stars: Blue
  • White holiday lights strand


  • Clear-drying glass adhesive
  • Mosaic Wheeled Glass Nippers*
  • Safety glasses
  • 1. Read instructions before beginning. Cover work surface with newspaper. Collect and place all supplies needed on work surface.
  • 2. Clean KraftyBlok with glass cleaner or mixture of equal parts vinegar and water. Dry thoroughly.
  • 3. Nip red and white glass squares into fourths. To nip glass, hold glass chip in your fingers. Hole wheeled glass nippers in opposite hand, open jaws, and place glass chip centered between wheels. Position wheels as close to edge of glass as possible. Squeeze nippers to cut glass. Nip halves in half again to create quarters.
  • 4. For border, place two rows of alternating red and white chips around perimeter of KraftyBlok starting 1/2" from edge. Glue chips in place and let dry.
  • 5. Randomly place blue glass stars in center of KraftyBlok. Glue stars in place and let dry.
  • 6. Use scissors to cut a slit from outer edge of cap to tiny center hole. Insert light strand inside block, letting plug extend out.