Flag Stepping Stone

By  Holli Long  for  Plaid Enterprises, Inc.


  • Cement stepping stone
  • Make-It Mosaics* Chips Ceramic Tiles: White; Red


  • Simply Stencils*: Stars & Bees
  • FolkArt*: Acrylic Colors: Wicker White; Artists Pigments: Cobalt Blue
  • Stencil Décor Stencil Brush*, 3/8”
  • Make-It-Mosaics*: Grout, 5 lb. container; Molds: Square Trivet; Accessories: Topcoat Sealer; Adhesive
  • Faster Plaster® Mediums*, 1/2 lb. bag
  • *Products by Plaid Enterprises, Inc.
  • 1. Follow manufacturer's instructions to mix Faster Plaster; pour into trivet mold. When plaster is set, pop out of mold and let dry. Paint Cobalt Blue; let dry. Apply sealer and glue to upper left corner of stepping stone.
  • 2. Glue alternating red and white tile "stripes" to stepping stone as shown, leaving an equal amount of space between tiles. Let glue dry completely.
  • 3. Follow manufacturer's instructions to mix and apply grout to stepping stone.
  • 4. Stencil stars Wicker White on blue rectangle.
  • Stencilling
  • 1. Load brush; dab excess onto paper towel. It's always better to use too little paint than too much. More paint can always be added.